Massive Support For Presidential Order For Political Contribution Disclosure

Dear Friends and Activists,

Many advocacy groups have come together on this, and now more than
500,000 people have spoken out directly to President Obama, calling
on him to issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to
disclose their political contributions.

Even the Supreme Court concedes this is proper and necessary. If
corporations are getting federal contracts, we, the people, have a
right to know who is making contributions to get legislation passed
favoring those contracts.

We now call on Congress to come forward with letters of support that
President Obama should do this.

Disclose Federal Contractors action page:

The action page above sends the petition text, also directly above,
along with any personal comments you wish to add, to all your members
of Congress as a real time fax, cc's a copy to President Obama
himself, and you can also select the option to send a letter to the
editor of your nearest local newspaper as well.

That's a lot of activist bang for just one mouse click. Thanks to
your kind support in so many ways, we were able to buy another large
block of fax minutes to support this action.

There is absolutely no excuse why we cannot make this happen if only
you will continue to speak out now.

This is a pivotal collateral action moving in the direction of a
constitutional amendment overturning the Citizens United decision
altogether. Keep up.

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