John Kerry Urges Russia and Syria to Stop Attacking Al-Qaeda

No wonder the United States insisted that its Syria ceasefire deal with Russia remain secret! It turns out that one of the US demands was that the Syrian air force must be prohibited from attacking al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria).

Does this make any sense? It seem much more logical to argue that the threat of being bombed alongside al-Qaeda would be the greatest incentive for “moderates” to separate themselves from al-Qaeda as soon as possible!

You would think Washington would tell its “moderates”: “You must cease and desist from fighting alongside al-Qaeda in Syria within the next 48 hours or you will yourselves become targets of Syrian, Russian, and coalition planes.”

Instead Washington argues that because its “moderates” refuse to separate from al-Qaeda the Russians and Syrians must stop attacking al-Qaeda!

George W. Bush famously said, “either you’re with us, or you are with the terrorists.” But what happens when Washington itself is “with the terrorists”?

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Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh. Testimonies of Syrian Soldiers Who Witnessed the US Airstrikes

These testimonies by Syrian soldiers who are fighting the Islamic State rebels (ISIS-Daesh) confirm what we already know.

The United States of America is not fighting the terrorists in Syria. 

The Obama administration, with the support of its allies including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is supporting the Islamic State (ISIS Daesh)

Obama’s counterterrorism campaign in Syria and Iraq is bogus.

Read carefully: 
The testimonies confirm the unspoken truth:


- We [Syrian soldiers] first thought the aircraft are support to us after the first 2 shots, but we quickly found out that they are targeting our forces aggressively, while we were fighting IS terrorists. The aircraft used cluster bombs against us.
- A day before the airstrikes, the [US] drones were flying and scanning all the area
- The US air-strikes destroyed all our equipment and defense points.  

- IS fighters attacked us immediately after and during the US strikes. Some of them were laughing

- US drones and helicopters opened fire from machine guns on our retreated forces

- It for sure wasn’t a mistake, they targeted us intentionally to help IS.


Translation from Arabic (H. E)
The US Air strikes were deliberate, they were carefully planned and coordinated with ISIS-Daesh commandos on the ground.

The bombings enabled the ISIS-Daesh Islamic State mercenaries to wage an effective counterattack against Syrian government forces.

The “incident” was casually dismissed by America’s media: “US airstrikes Missed ISIS, but Damaged US Policy in Syria”.

Fake media reports support a fake “war on terrorism”: Sorry, collateral damage, we got our targets mixed up…

Note: I am sceptical of the account that helicopters opened fire on the soldiers. However ...

There are interviews with the surviving soldiers from the strike that indicate the US attacks were upon well known and fixed Syrian Army positions. Drones observed what was occurring and they should have been able to identify ISIS fighters and their equipment from the regular Syrian Army units that were fighting against them. The most important aspect to consider is that the US forces are illegally intervening in the conflict:

Interview to Syrian soldiers survived in Deir Ez zor

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