Just Checked, Yep, YouTube is Still a Disgrace

"RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government Wikipedia" Must of been a hard decision to choose between that tidbit and the dictionary definition of 9/11 that usually is on freethinking videos. This emerging global society makes me sicker than when it used to just be in science fiction movies. BBC videos say "BBC is a British public broadcast service Wikipedia." What a joke. Like CNN isn't a mouthpiece for a faction of the US government. Giving debate questions to Hillary beforehand. Like no money ever goes in either direction there. YouTube is a disgrace in every possible way. Telling adults what is OK and not OK to see and hear. These psychopaths do it outright from their ivory towers and high horses and also let mob rule of the offended brigade infringe upon free speech as well. We can't stand for this people. We must speak out constantly. "The BBC has put a lot of mental gymnastics into public perception that there is difference between the British government and the BBC, but the reality is that is has just been an exercise in wordplay, while the BBC fully is directly owned by the British government, directly run by the British government, and directly funded by the British government. You’ll see some people try to tell you that the BBC is not a state-owned/funded/operated news outlet, but they’re people who are buying into the whole re-branding thing, where they consider the term state-owned to have negative connotations to it, and they whip out the term for propaganda use when it applies to others, but they don’t want to subject their own state-owned/funded/operated outlet to their own discrimination, and so they create mental buffers to pretend that they’re somehow different."... https://www.quora.com/Is-the-BBC-the-state-owned-and-state-controlled-TV-operator-in-the-UK How to Defeat the Censorship of the Democrat Big Tech Media Complex: https://911truthactivism.blogspot.com/2019/02/how-to-defeat-censorship-of-democrat.html Related: 100% Proof! Russian Collusion was a Hoax Designed to Impeach Trump and Divert Attention from Internal Email Leak & Clinton Criminal Activities: http://trumpisright.blogspot.com/2017/07/ex-trump-adviser-on-firestorm-over.html