How to Defeat the Censorship of the Democrat Big Tech Media Complex

The late Andrew Breitbart in his book Righteous Indignation perfectly captured the essence of the press in America when he labeled the press as being a Democrat-Media-Complex. Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”

The people who are allegedly neutral reporters and journalists are on the frontline of the political battle and they use their objectivity as their greatest weapon against impressionable minds to reinforce a herd mentality that toes the Democrat party line within the culture. As Breitbart continued, “the mainstream media portrays themselves as objective observers of reality when they’re no such thing —they’re partisan critical theory hacks who think they can destroy everything America stands for by standing on the sidelines and sniping at patriotic Americans with all their favorite slurs. They have nothing but contempt for the American people.”

The recent wave of censorship is massive and unprecedented. It is important to understand that by and large it is being aimed at conservatives and those who analyze evidence of criminal conspiracies and expose deep corruption, often labeled with the CIA created and weaponized term of derision "conspiracy theorist."

Here is the indisputable proof regarding motivation...

An emergency report to Congress and to the president concerning Big Tech, the Democrats and the Deep State’s plan to kill the First Amendment in America
This key report, prepared for lawmakers and for President Trump, serves as a roadmap on how tech giants covertly silence online speech – and how America can fight back against these monopolists working in sync with corporate media and left-leaning “fact checking” sites.
To date, no one has assembled a comprehensive compendium of the aggressive censorship strategies and mechanisms now being deployed against users being targeted by the tech giants. This document aims to serve as a primer “blueprint” to explain both the motivations behind the extreme censorship as well as the technical/mechanical means through which such censorship is carried out.
This document should be required reading for any lawmaker or government official interested in protecting the freedom of speech that has served as a critical pillar in our society for over two centuries.
The following is a letter to send to your representatives from Vincent James. Also, if you are able, physical letters have more impact, just as phone calls do over emails. 

Here you go guys! - call your congressman and senators, write them and tell them that 

Dear mrs/mrs 

I am asking your help to solve one of the biggest issues facing America today. That issue is powerful monopolies limiting and controlling what the average young American citizen can and cannot say.

You must realize that around 90% of conversations that happen in America happen online, and because of this, the 1st amendment has to evolve to encompass the conversations that happen on the top 2 social media platforms which are controlled and owned by these same monopolies. Just as the second amendment has evolved to protect the right to own and bear modern weaponry, the first must evolve to protect modern speech and conversation. These monopolies not only go against American law, but they are now in complete control of how we as American citizens, can express our opinions openly in the new public town square that is the internet. 

Just as the private cable company, electric company, gas company and water company cannot refuse you service because of your political and social beliefs, so should these monopolized social media companies that we the people made famous and are now turning on the citizens. 

And since our government refuses to hold them to antitrust legislation, refuses to break up these monopolies, allows them to avoid the free market that made this country great, just as the government tells private companies what to do all the time, we the people demand that you render these companies public utilities. 

We demand THIS NOW OR WE DEMAND an internet bill of rights

Thanks you 


****** IMPORTANT TIPS!!!!! *******

1) You must give your contact information in order for you comment or question to be filed/responded to. If the office can not verify that you are a constituent ( you don’t really have to give your full name, Mr. Smith will do…but you do need to provide a local address) they aren’t likely file or answer your inquiry. (And for the record this isn’t them just blowing you off , there are actually really strict rules regarding the amount of time and effort a congressional office can invest in a person who is not his or her constituent).

2) When you write a letter make it known that you would like a response, and put your comment in a question format so the member has something to respond to. For example : instead of stating “ I would like you to support an internet bill of rights” say something like: “ As your constituent I support an internet bill of rights, and I would like to know where you stand on this issue?” Questions get sent to the DC office to be answered (that’s where your member most likely is anyway)

3) When you make a call don’t just state your opinion, ask a question. The question is crucial to getting a response and getting your member to invest some time thinking about your inquiry. If you leave a voicemail be sure to leave an address and at least a last name so the inquiry can be filed. Again, like the letter, you want your call to be filed and sent to the DC office for a response, not just filed and closed.

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stopdemockery • 17 hours ago
We have NO VOICE! We are the threat to their DEMOCKERY! Your channel comments are down because We, the viewers, are being shadow banned: not you. You guys need to start the class action law suit against Google/YouTube including all the content creators who have lost their channels and viewers who have been shadow censored. There must be hundreds of thousands of Us. YouTube needs to be nationalized as a utility.

I have been shadow censored for the last year. My meaningful YouTube comments were only visible to me when I was logged in. Then, they were at the top with no replies or up votes, even after being there for months. When I logged out and went back, they disappeared. And recently, there are NO COMMENTS visible on any YT videos, whether I'm logged in or not. They're preventing my speech and my ability to read comments. Is this happening to you? I'll gladly join any class action law suit. Who's with me?

My Reply:

Here's How YOU Can Stop Internet Suppression RIGHT NOW!:

I've experienced similar things to you. I was also kicked off of YouTube after criticizing the Black Panther movie too much in one day apparently. No specific explanation was given to me as to why. As far as a lawsuit, here is some info to look in to...

I think we all need to fight back off the internet way more than is taking place currently... Passing out fliers, sticking infowars stickers in public places, calling offices of government representatives and setting up face to face meetings, making self-published "zines" to pass out or sell, physical protests in the streets with activism groups that can be found on and other places, etc. Not saying to give up online activism, but they can't censor us in the real world!

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