by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                       Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     For a lot of us who were somehow open-minded enough to objectively consider and weigh the available evidence regarding what happened on September 11, 2001, the realization that the government’s and controlled media’s narrative was just a deceptive story covering up the truth was only the start of a series of unsettling realizations.
     Although I sensed immediately that the story had to be bogus because its details and certainties came out far too quickly to be real, long before any kind of investigation could possibly have taken place, I didn’t consider acting on my realization – not realizing that you even could – until a full six long years later. And at the time I, a shy person, found the gumption to try to organize a local meeting to talk about the event, or event syndrome, in late summer, 2007, after speaking with Janice Matthews, the then top 911 Truth organizer, the cutting-edge bold concept in the young movement was what would soon be called “LIHOP” – that they Let It Happen On Purpose, one of two designations popularized by investigator/author Webster Tarpley.
     Janice encouraged me to try to hold the local meeting I was contemplating, thinking that my state ought to have a chapter of 911 Truth, and suggested showing at the organizational meeting “Press For Truth”, a documentary presenting the travails of the so-called “Jersey Girls” in struggling to get the government to mount an official investigation of 9/11, the largest crime, or crime spree as it were, in U.S. history – an investigation ultimately authorized, grossly underfunded, and managed from the get-go, turning it into part of the cover-up.
     And after all of that real hijacking and fraud, the most incisive theory the Jersey Girls could put forth in their much-vaunted film was LIHOP – that the government must have just let the named hijackers do the deed on purpose. To think even that much was considered unspeakably, unthinkably radical at the time – the province of loons and owls. Because, the myth that was spun and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed upon the world involving nineteen evil and devout Muslim hijackers,  so-called “box-cutters”, and a bearded devil in a cave – was, incomprehensibly it seems now, that strong. The government, for its own nefarious reasons, some on the far margins dared allege, had let them get away with it. And so the accusation from the farthest margin stood, six years in, almost at the end of G.W. Bush’s dismal presidency!
     Still, the people at large, the bejeebers scared out of them on purpose, seemingly hadn’t a clue, the most conservative 90%, it seemed, conflating those who had an aberrant theory with “the hijackers” and ready to clobber anyone contradicting the official myth.
     Not long afterward, nano-thermite was found (and properly verified) in abundance in all the examined dust samples  from Ground Zero and the prevailing 911 Truth theory, in light of the fact that outsiders couldn’t have accessed or planted it, shifted to Tarpley’s other proffered designation, “MIHOP” = Made It Happen On Purpose.
     And then, slowly, a plethora of additional very suspicious “lesser” false-flag events started to occur, with ever-increasing frequency. And a new prevalent conceptualization, what I will call “Contextualism”, stating that not only was 9/11 a one-day coordinated cluster of governance-ordered false-flag events, but was just the largest among a proliferating many, fairly obviously all the products of an active in-house cottage industry to dream up, design, and regularly deliver psychological operations on a regular basis to produce pre-determined mind-sets and reactions from both the regular populace and the international apparatchik going forward.
     So, how do we get regular people (the subject class) at least, to tumble as to what’s going on with all of these frequent shock attacks and protest loudly and ceaselessly until they stop and all of our civil institutions have to be restored to us in order to forestall a civilizational unraveling or breakdown? To use one more analogy, we spread the word to our utmost ability, work to fuel the growing level of suspicions mounting slowly against world-wide governance and growing institutional repression to work like a gigantic rock slammed into the middle of a pond, sending waves rushing concentrically outward to crash against the shores. And we don’t ever cease our efforts, hurling down rock after rock after rock, after rock, until THEY stop and we win and world civilization is allowed to recover Peace on Earth.
JH: 12/17/15