House and Senate Intelligence Committees: Stop giving contracts to your biggest donors!

We rely on House and Senate Intelligence Committees to keep domestic spying programs in check. But when EVERY SINGLE MEMBER on both committees receives campaign cash from defense firms they regulate, to whom do you think they’re accountable? 70% of the intelligence budget (nearly $53 BILLION) went to just 20 private defense firms that contributed to members on House and Senate Intelligence Committees!

This is corruption — plain and simple. Since 2005, intelligence committee members have received at least $3.7 MILLION from private intelligence firms. Two members received nearly $600,000 from the same companies to whom they gave government contracts. We cannot afford to waste taxpayer money and violate constitutional rights just so these members have a direct fundraising pipeline to an industry they control.

Committee members need to stop protecting their corporate sponsors - and start protecting the interests of the citizens who elected them. Please join as we demand that members on House and Senate Intelligence Committees stop giving contracts to their donors!
PETITION TO HOUSE AND SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEES: We call on you to stop doling out contracts and expanding domestic surveillance programs just so you can fund your next campaign with defense industry cash. 
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