Action Alert! Tell the Union of Concerned Scientists About the Scientists Concerned About the Science Surrounding 9/11

The Union of Concerned Scientists has this survey going to find out what scientific issues matter most to you.

Question number five is, "Do you have any suggestions or anything else you'd like to share."

Will you please join me in suggesting that they study the science behind 9/11? I provided them a link to

Let them just how much peer-reviewed science we have on our side!

Ken Doc II:


It's come to my attention via David Slesinger that, "Yaz Manley, founder of Citizens Asking and Aware has started a campaign focuses on UCS." 

What we're asking you to do

After reviewing the information in our site, we're hoping you will  click on the link;  "Active Thermitic Material found in Dust from the World Trade Center catastrophe".  Print that page (of course you should also download the PDF and review the actual study for yourself).  Mail it to the Union of Concerned Scientists at the address below.  Request that they give you an honest evaluation of that science, as well as, provide real answers to the questions we asked them on June 13, 2012  (see the video at the bottom of this page). 

Union of Concerned Scientists
National Headquarters
Two Brattle Sq.
Cambridge, MA 02138-3780
Phone: (617) 547-5552
Fax: (617) 864-9405