911Grassroots.org - Connect with or Become a 911 Grassroots organizer

Recently, I posted two about other ways to connect with fellow 9/11 truth activists. This is a third and equally great option available. 
From 911Truth.org:

911Truth.org previously facilitated the affiliation of nearly 200 grassroots organizers, in as many cities, and nearly 40 countries. You can now find a list of groups and contacts here.
911truth.org is no longer able to consistently provide networking and organizing for grassroots activist groups. That function has been handed off to James Hufferd, founder of 9/11 Truth of Central Iowa. He has taken up this challenge separately from 911truth.org and has created an organization, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization, with the website www.911Grassroots.org, for this very purpose. James can be reached via the contact form at that site. We encourage readers to become active in organizing and promoting the cause of 9/11 truth through this valuable new resource.