Another Means of Locating 9/11 Truth Activists in Your Local Area

Yesterday, I posted about how one can "Start an AE911Truth Action Group in your area" or "Become the AE911Truth Local Contact for your area."

This is a third and equally great option available.

Another way to find fellow truthers living among you, is to print out copies of this form below, or make ones like it and then post them up in places like the library bulletin  board. They usually reserve the right to take down materials posted without permission, so make sure to ask. I doubt they will make any kind of fuss over it. If they did that could be worth it alone, just so you could tell the story of their unfair censorship to anybody who would listen. It could end up blowing up in their face bad, say if by some stroke of luck the issue got put front and center with an editorial in your local paper.

In any event, it'll probably be smooth sailing and there are plenty of other places you could try to place them, like record stores, or laundromats, to name a few. Good luck!