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PLEASE SHARE! If you agree with our goals, but for some reason disagree with our methods here, then please undertake better ones of your own towards the same ends. This issue is vital for the survival of the USA as we have known it, to the utmost degree... and then some!!! Your participation here denotes your agreement with our nuanced below position. We encourage you to include a personal statement if you are able and send your first name and at least the initial of your last name, preferably both in full. Also, kindly provide your state of residence, at minimum, and city if you so choose to:

We will not contact you further unless prompted by you and will not use your info for any other purpose. We will collect signatures that concur with the following statement for two years at first and send to all major national public officials. We will also send tailored lists to local authorities consisting of resident info collected for those areas. This will commence just prior to the midterm elections in the US. After 4 years, this process will repeat prior to the next election cycle, which includes the presidential vote again. For maximum impact, we will monitor other such petitions online and create a document with combined support numbers and other basic data/statistics/info regarding each one before presenting our full effort here. An open public letter with said info will also be promoted via text, audio, visual, social media, etc. This will be addressed to all concerned members of the power structure with examples, that may play an direct or even simply influentially indirect role in bringing about policy/operational change to how elections are conducted.

What we want, the basics. We the undersigned, state unequivocally and without hesitation that the publically available evidence, as can be accessed on consists of enough empirically sound hard evidence to warrant an extreme overall of our election system MO in the USA. Please note, that this critically thinking derived conclusion is so voluminous and logically driven, as to allow and even guarantee a certain level of mistakes in methodology and/or conclusions on our part. In other words, this is a cumulative case being made that assuredly stands firm, like a spider web with various removed single strands, despite any successful fact checks and debunkings that invariably result. 

The lines of evidence are vast, hotly debated, and possess the attribute of corroboration as pertaining to witnesses testimony and stats/data/info favoring the fraud argument. These various lines of argumentation are largely not mutually exclusive, and most importantly not officially explored in any capacity, as to be deemed debunked by consensus in any honest way, shape, or form. This is self -evident, by the lack of formal committees or special prosecutors being empaneled/empowered to issue reports regarding the cases made before government bodies in all swing states that were in question. Only partisan rhetoric can label these issues as baseless. Factual, thorough, bipartisan, retorts, in blue panel expert, peer-reviewed reports, are omitted from discourse, because they are demonstrably devoid of possessing the attribute of objective existence! In other more simple words, unanswered questions abound and publicly are not accepted as excusable by massive, unavoidably historical and numerically significant, numbers of voters who have made their attitudes of disenfranchisement as clear as any large civil or human rights movement ever has. This website, represents a group of researchers convinced similar travesties happened in 2000 and 2004, but with the GOP of the day at the helm. That said, we think it clear that this idea was far more fringe back then in both cases. The converse is now true and the level of acceptance of extremely vast and equally nefarious election maleficence, is staggering and unpredictable for any trends forecaster in the past, due to its plain old inconceivability. Based on this fact alone, regardless of the ultimate reality, the overwhelmingly significant prevalence of sentiment that the 2020 election was stolen, warrants a massive systematic overhaul of how elections are conducted, that ensures integrity election measures are improved to any majority of unbiased observers/researchers. 

For simplification purposes, we strongly propose this basic first step. We call for an end to electronic voting, in favor of publicly verifiable paper trails. This could in fact, and perhaps best includes electronic systems, under once simple yet vital condition/scenario. That is, each voter receives dual copies of a printed paper receipt of their choices and accompanying personal info to review. Upon doing so, the voters then place said paper trails in heavily guarded and constantly publicly viewed in person, as well as remotely online, lockboxes. They then take the other home with the option of uploading online, especially in the event a recount is necessary. The results on the ground can then be seemingly trusted to an incalculable degree more and even scrutinized online publicly for veracity by involved individuals or citizen formed audit committees.

This is not too much to ask. This holds true, even if our case were to in fact not, as argued here. Elections must be as secure and trusted as humanly possible. The achievement of this two tiered goal as it stands, is an utter failure, in no uncertain terms. We can have more secure election safeguards objectively without question. Furthermore, confidence is at an all time low with disastrous results for all to see on all news outlets, regardless of ideology or their positions on the political spectrum. If this issue is not remedied in a manner as self-evident as is outlined here, then this great American Republic may indeed fall by way of being a banana variety, dog and pony show that necessitates, at minimum, vast civil disobedience and a peaceful revolution of information. Or it could be that the simple widespread appearance of such a systematic facade of fraud, purporting to be free and just will of the people, will instead just, culminate in the will of the people to just invite and ultimately invoke a destruction turned rebuilding phase for the USA, despite its possible lack of justification. There quite literally, is no good outcome possible that will not have much suffering that precedes it, absent major reformation akin to the aforementioned being swifty and carefully implemented. 

Sincerely Signed by FUTURE NUMBER American Patriots,


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