Happy Solstice Day from Lawyers' Committee for 9-11 Inquiry

The Lawyers' Committee for 9-11 Inquiry


Dear John
We at the Lawyers' Committee hope you and your loved ones are well during these most unusual times.  
As a result of the roller coaster of events that have unfolded throughout the world the normal flow of activities for all of us have been altered.

The Lawyers' Committee is presently working on two major projects which will be launched in the near future, and is expecting a ruling shortly by a federal court judge on whether our Grand Jury Petition concerning explosions, incendiaries and controlled demolition used to destroy the World Trade Center Towers will be honored.  


1.A  large scale Freedom of Information Campaign involving over twenty FOIAs will be sent to government agencies requesting documents which will be used in developing Grand Jury Petitions for all 9/11 related crimes scenes.

2. The Announcement of a new Grand Jury Petition which has been worked on for the past few months by the Lawyers' Committee concerning specific 9/11 crimes never properly investigated or prosecuted, and which will be presented to the United States Attorney later this Summer.

3.We are now waiting for a decision from a federal  court judge regarding our Grand Jury Petition submitted to United States Attorney Berman in the Southern District of New York. We have asked the Judge for some indication that a Grand Jury regarding  the evidence of explosives, incendiaries and controlled demolition used to destroy the World Trade Center Towers has been convened or to order the United States Attorney to present the evidence to the Grand Jury, if he has not already done so. The United States Attorney has filed papers saying that the co-plaintiffs have no standing.

The complaint filed on behalf of the co-plaintiffs by Mick Harrison, the Lawyers' Committee Litigation Director and co-counsel John O'Kelly and the motion to dismiss filed by the United States Attorney should be decided by the judge shortly, perhaps this month.

Making things even more interesting if not confusing is a directive for United States Attorney Berman to be removed as United States Attorney. The Lawyers' Committee has not yet discussed the significance of a new United States Attorney on the present lawsuit.
Stay Healthy and Think Positively.

David R. Meiswinkle
President/Executive Director
Help us move forward