Coronavirus Must Not Stand in the Way: Help Inform 25,000 Engineers Today

Don’t let COVID-19 stop the historic fight to raise awareness about what really happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Too much progress has been made — and the truth is too important — to slow down now.
A monumental effort began last month to inform millions of people throughout the world about Building 7 and the University of Alaska Fairbanks study, which concluded that fires were NOT the actual cause of Building 7’s collapse.
I am now asking for your help to mail postcards to 25,000 additional engineers as we set our sights on informing EVERY engineer in the country. To reach these engineers now, we must raise $12,500 by next Monday, Memorial Day.
Your donation of $25 will send postcards to 50 engineers in the weeks ahead. With a gift of $50, you’ll reach 100 engineers, and so on. With 50,000 engineers having already received a postcard last month, this will be another huge step toward the goal of contacting EVERY engineer in the country.
But I can’t possibly do this without your help.
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Gratefully yours,
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Richard Gage, AIA
P.S. The engineering community needs to know the truth about what happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Your gift before Monday, May 25, is vital to keep the fight for 9/11 truth going during the coronavirus pandemic!