DailyMotion.com Account 'DailyMotionCensorshipSucks' Banned After Just 3 Days

Like the rest of big tech the censorship at DailyMotion.com is out of control. On the 11th I wrote this...

Fight Censorship Coyote Style

JM Talboo
I fight this shit tooth and nail as all should. Got my Twitter banned. Have 3 new accounts, plus a Gab.com, Minds.com, TikTok, and Instagram account. Daily Motion got banned. Made two more. Took one of those away. Made a new one called DailyMotionCensorshipSucks. I'm like a coyote mama that producers more pups after having one of the pack shot. Don't fuck with me or my free speech!

So, now I request that all of you free speech warriors out there make an account and post whatever type of content that doesn't call for violence (the only type of speech not protected) that you would like! I'll be on there with you through however many bans they throw at me.