911 Truth and Anti-Corruption Vital Information 'BUSINESS CARD': Street Action Promo Material - Please Share

Make copies of this material (or something similar) and distribute everywhere. This image file is my version of a truth ‘business card’.

These cards were made as simply and cheaply as possible via an online printing company. I basically imported this image to their site, paid via paypal and then a box arrived in the mail.

The cards are highly expendable items. They are designed for either giving to people directly or (my preference) leaving in odd places for people to find.

The image might not look like much but in practice we have found that these cards work very well with their easy-to-see-from-a-distance heading. Their size means that people can easily pocket them. Places where folks can ‘discover’ the cards include car windscreen wipers, on public transport, in bars, in libraries etc. They are not like bumper stickers where you can get in trouble for defacing property.

I already have 5000 cards for less than $200. I had initial runs of 250 cards made at $10 a pop. I intend on getting another 5000 made at least. I will be leaving them all over the city where I live.

I hope that others will copy the idea (or something similar).

Each city need only get together a few groups of people making and distributing the cards for the campaign to be effective. Have fun.



The following is the multinational online company I used to manufacture the cards. It's called Vista Print and you simply import the image into the box used for making business cards. I recommend doing a test batch with low amounts, selecting the cheapest price first, before going into mass production:

(This link has an Australian webaddress. I assume if you log in from other locations around the world the address will default to your location - since the company is multinational.)