US Election Analysis - Trump vs the Establishment (A Letter to Triple R Radio)

Hello Triple R Radio, Spoke program,

I only caught the end of your discussion (15/3) about the US Presidential Election so I might be raising points you already addressed.

I am writing to inform you about the real reasons Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls – outside of the mainstream media spin. The reason for Trump’s popularity he is targeting real issues (despite the corporate media claims he has no policies) and that these issues resonate with many US citizens.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that the US economy is in crisis. There never was a recovery from the 2008 crash. What we have seen is jobless stock market recovery (QE), papered over with cooked employment figures.

The real US unemployment rate is actually around 20% (at one stage Trump said it was 40% but he misunderstood the actual number). Once you understand this situation then a lot of things about the election make sense.

I wrote a brief explanation at my news blog in which I listed 5 main reasons for the Trump election success:

WHY US Voters Are Picking Trump in the Republican Primaries by a Landslide Margin (by more than 10 percentage points) 

The last point on my list, that Trump is railing against professional politicians, is highly relevant in relation to the narrative sold by election pundits who talk about the other candidates with a straight face.

All of these other politicians, with the exception of Bernie Sanders (whose record is not clean when it comes to war), cavort with criminal neoconservative types, ‘carrying the water’ when it comes to war and the corporate lobbyist agenda. War and Washington cronyism has repeatedly thrown the average US citizen under the bus and large sections of the population understand this fact.

The anti-corruption perspective is why I post stories on my blog – since 2007. It is corrupt Government, like what we see in the third world, that is the cause of the decline in the US standard of living.

On my blog, if you click on the US election tag, you can see that myself and fellow blogger John-Michael Talboo (who lives in Pennsylvania), have been covering the Trump issue as reported in alternative media circles since he entered the race.

When it comes to the US establishment and economy I highly recommend examining the essays of former Wall Street journal editor, Paul Craig Roberts:

Currently I favour election news reports from Bill Still’s You Tube Channel:

Feel free to share the information contained in this email with whomever you wish. Thanks for your time,


[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 18th, 2016.]