by James Hufferd, Ph.D.,                                                                          
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

*     *     *
     Everyone in our very effectively marginalized, seemingly cozy little community of 9/11 truth activists, that has been systematically prevented from injecting its major questions and damning observations into the controlled mainstream dialog, even such as it is, now for fourteen and a half years tomorrow, is wondering why we never seem to get any real traction toward public confession or high-level incrimination. In fact, it has become apparent that a great many who we once counted among our determined adherents now focus their attention elsewhere or nowhere, having lost hope and interest long ago.
     But the truth that we know – that the official story of what happened on 9/11/01 cannot be anything other than a cover-up pre-designed to drive the herd in a predetermined direction, because the forensic evidence clearly proves otherwise on a dozen or more different counts, remains as true as ever.
     Yet now, among the remnant of us 9/11 truth activists left, some are all wrapped up in intramural disputes over the relative minutia of soft versus more durable plane parts, angles of approach, and shifting and variously interpreted recollections of witnesses, never attaining the across-the-board consensus in such matters as the greater public has never given a moment of thought and probably never will. And unless and until the ample evidence of 9/11 manages to crash its first courtroom, no one but future chroniclers seems likely to. Still, it could make teachable perceptions tidier if we could at least somewhat agreeably handicap likelihoods in such matters.
     For me, the big story of the past year or two with regard to 9/11 Truth is our growing awareness of 9/11 as a more or less routine part of a far larger ongoing program of social engineering carried on to further the agenda of a controlling meta-group in the process of transforming our planet and especially the nature and fortunes of its human life and all life to suit and serve the few now in charge. And what a colossal and chilling near-consensus realization that is!
     We keep seeing pronouncements, now mainly from AE911Truth and formerly more from the 9/11 Consensus Panel and the extended New York ballot campaign, of impressive and rather promising initiatives that, so far at least, haven’t yielded much in terms of moving the needle regarding either public, academic, or élite awakening, awareness, or recognition of what we tout as 911 truth – a realization that has served to increase discouragement among current and onetime activists.
     Some, including I, focusing of late more on the overall nature and activity of the likely ultimate perpetrators of 9/11, etc., tend to look at the phenomena of the respective success of Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders as at least a somewhat promising – if not ultimately prevailing – partial breakaway or rebellion against the malign control system by segments of society who have partially awakened. And while these half-seeing rebellions may be quashed, the segments of society that mounted them will still be there into the future.
     Meanwhile, some among us who have, probably perceptively, concluded that we aren’t likely to prevail under our own steam, look with highly questionable likelihood of fulfillment, to some who are probably at least generally in the know, like the unpredictable Donald Trump, to possibly provide an open sesame for general consideration of 9/11 truth at a level we or our spokespersons have been unable to tap. Though to so divulge might be too far out and dangerous even for Trump.
     So, 9/11 truth could be blown open tomorrow, or it might never be. My advice? Don’t hold your breath for over 5 minutes.
JH: 3/10/16