Weapons of War Vs. Words of Peace


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Postcards to spread the word and sign people up:
Postcard front: PDF or JPG.
Postcard back: PDF or JPG.
Alternative Postcard front: PDF.
Postcard front with survey question for use at WBW events: PDF.
Front and back, four to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.
Front and back, one to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.

Sign-up Sheets:
Sign-up sheet: PDF or Docx.
Four-page flyer: PDF or Docx.
One-page flyer: PDF or Docx.
Two-page, or one-page double-sided flyer: PDF or Docx.
One-page flyer: PDF or Docx.
One-page flyer on climate and war: PDF. And another PDF.
Poster to display at events:

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Update from World Beyond War:

Open this PDF for a joint statement from over 20 peace organizations and what you can do: Alternatives-to-War

Here’s a more in-depth answer to “What About ISIS?” from World Beyond War.

November 11 is Armistice Day. Here’s a tool kit from Veterans For Peace that you can use in celebrating and educating. And here’s an article describing how Armistice Day or Remembrance Day has been changed from a day of peace to a day of war — a history we have to know if we are going to change it.

If you can be in London this weekend, go here Saturday and here Sunday.

Here’s a tool kit for all kinds of events developed by World Beyond War.

The first thing we can all do is sign the peace pledge if you haven’t, and ask others to do so if you have.

Are you keeping up with war abolition news on our blog?
Have you made use of our maps of militarism? or our calendar of peace events? or any of our other resources?

Are you working on anything we can help with? Let us know!

Our Strategy Committee is putting the finishing touches on an educational booklet making the case to newcomers for why and how to end all war on earth.

If you’d like to join the Strategy Committee or the Media or Outreach or Events or Fundraising or Nonviolence or Research or Speakers Committees, please let us know.
If you don’t have the time to be that involved, do you have the ability to chip in a small donation to help fund our work?

Here’s how to make a tax-deductible, one-time or recurring, donation online or by mail, and information on what the funding will help us do.

Thank you!

Sign the Declaration of Peace.


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