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Hello all,

On the 9/11 anniversary Reinvestigate 911 gave out hundreds of our new four sided leaflets outside the BBC. Most people at the BBC are not in the (fake) news division, so it was no surprise that we were  welcome.

I was on the George Galloway show for about 15 minutes live mid evening on 9/11 Sunday 8th, and also on Talkradio (Howard Hughes show) for 45 minutes last Sunday,15th. Both claim to have a high audience here and in the US. I don't trumpet MSM invitations in advance in case it leads to a cancellation. It should be easy enough to find the podcasts,

With the Express, Star and sometimes Daily Mail publicising the objections to the official story of the building collapses we now have a substantial section of UK media prepared to air our views, albeit the least well regarded by the political class.

There is a chance Reinvestigate 911 could benefit from the current political situation in the UK. Michel Meacher now deceased was a strong 9/11 sceptic and close colleague of Jeremy Corbyn. There is the possibility that, if JC can get into Downing Street, with the power of the UK elective dictatorship at his command there might be some action on 9/11. Meacher's seminal 9/11 article in the Guardian was authorised by the comment editor Seamus Milne now Corbyn's communications director

By the way, the TV drama series Snowfall is now into its 3rd series. The theme has been the 1980's CIA operation to smuggle cocaine into the US, an unacknowleged part of the Iran-Contra scam. › title

Ian Henshall


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