The Truth About YouTube HQ Shooter

Editor's Note: A few thoughts I'd like to add to the video commentary... As unappealing as her video content may seem from what little bit is shown here, it does not necessarily mean she wasn't affected by demonetization brought about by AI algorithms, flagging abuse, or even outright censorship. Obviously all of the above are possible in the toxic environment YouTube has created. Whether she was an actual victim of these things or just conflated her issues with these real problems we will never know for sure. Assuming the latter for her I still wonder, how long will it be before a real victim of this censorship snaps in such a way? Heaven forbid, because God knows it would only be used to try and further erode our liberties. The second I heard of this incident I immediately wondered if such a motive was at play. 

Things are looking up, but many people are still struggling to find gainful employment. They start to make some money from YouTube and depending on their choice of content, many have seemingly seen this ripped away because of political bias either directly aimed at them, or encoded into the system. Again, make no mistake, censorship is certainly taking place with videos being put into limited state and getting warning labels about being offensive put in front of them, both of which allow no money to be made. There just so happens to be a lot of other funny business going on that can't 100% be proven, but seems obvious enough. Still others have seen a decrease in their traffic, views, subscribes, and monetization, not because of any political bias per se, but just because YouTube has been doing everything it can to push corporate content over those who built the platform.

Even simple copyright strikes have even been improperly applied, AKA weaponized. In fact, the whole 3 strikes and you're out system is unfair on its face and unnecessary. How about just have an MO like Daily Motion? A copyright complaint (you know because many like their content being reposted for promotion) gets a video taken down with the right to appeal and that is all, no strikes. No people would ever then need to deal with the possibility of getting removed from the platform for fair use commentary, or a song that sounds like another song, etc.

So let's prevent gun violence by sharing the wealth and love YouTube! No more manipulation for corporatism, no more censorship, and no more copyright and strike systems rife for abuse!

The Truth About YouTube HQ Shooter

Update: The Young Turks: Alex Jones Blames YouTube Shooting On YouTube

Obviously the woman is responsible, but YouTube does deserve blame as well. Certainly not the gun or the 2nd Amendment. I said this before Jones, because it's true.

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1 day ago

The YouTube demonetization campaign caused this woman's account to lose all her viewers and lose whatever income she was receiving from her content.
They marked an ab workout video she did as 'age-restricted', yet gave no such age restrictions on videos from Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus riding giant dicks on a stage.
Talented, thoughtful, quirky, promoted fitness, fought against animal abuse and authoritarianism, and now she's gone, for what? So YouTube could save $3?
The CEO of YouTube should step down.

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