by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


The survival instinct is doubtless the strongest in nature. Creatures considered dim-witted, like fruit-flies, whose entire lifespan may be only a few days anyway, routinely flee with remarkably violent dispatch, performing Olympic feats of acrobatics if necessary, whenever they sense arriving danger – often repeatedly. Immobile plants, in addition to animals, evolve protections employing genius camouflage and subterfuge to overcome perceived doom.

Human survivalists – it’s in their very name (they aren’t, after all, called “protectionists”, are they?) arm themselves to the last hairline against threats anticipated, foreign and domestic. Their counterparts on the collective level, meanwhile, national security freaks, claim to perceive a permanent standoff against “the other”, whoever that concept might embrace at the time – and are insistent upon squandering their life savings and retirement, and everyone else’s, on stealth campaigns, preemptive attacks, erecting protective blockades and bases everywhere including in space, and subversively undermining everyone, everywhere around the world who dares move or manifests a potentially hostile manner or expression of face, regardless what distance away. “You can’t have a bomb,” they decree, “because, who knows? You might use it.” “You can’t even move to defend yourself, because that makes you hostile in intent to prevent our intent in invading you – same with the bomb, by the way, you can’t have that – which makes you evil and our enemy.” It gets to be ridiculous.

“Look, we’re going to run things in your country and emasculate you and kill you if we want, for your and everyone’s good, so don’t try and stop us.” “And just who, you ask, are we? We’re the force of order and eternal peace. We represent the global one percent of one percent, and we have different strokes to impose for different folks. So, give up now and give in.”

Most Americans and their cousins in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, countries such as that, have acquiesced to the incremental growth in lethal prowess of the great killing force, in fact representing them, but only in name, not their aspirations, so long as the victims were the endless estimated 60 million indecipherable foreigners liquidated in attacks and interventions in all four or seventy-nine corners since 1945. Then, there was (is?) aids in Africa and beyond, deadly there. Sudden onset. Who or what caused that?

And if political bungling, ineptness, inattention, or lack of interest, and unnecessary butchering in the womb, led to the “needless loss” of a few or cumulatively many million minority citizens of their own countries, that was tolerated or justified, too, if only because we, the people, had no ready answer. And then, of course, it still wasn’t us exactly.

Our protections from mounting eco-atrocities permitted and/or industrial genocide and the steady diminution of our economic security, the dumbing strangulation of our education, trap-door-like removal of habeas corpus and our naïve expectation of justice, belief in the substantial objectivity of news, have only brought sighs and head-shaking behaviors among us, at least until recently. Because, why? “I’m just one person – what’s a body to do?”

And so then, what happens to us, for instance, if the grid goes down? And stays down? There are plans for the top élite, not for us. If the money fails? Ditto.

The overall ideology of the United States (imposed), pressed murderously or with deceptions, bribes, demands unrelenting, is globalism, globalization, with the big brain at the helm ensconced in New York/Washington and Kensington, London. And the basis of the program run nonstop – as so many have at last caught on – is nothing but a convoluted tissue of twisted lies. Which is what Trump, who never completes a thought and scarce a sentence, needs to say and say again, and again, and yet again, and again, until it gets him elected.

The guns of the survivalists can’t triumph against the vast, stockpiled armament of WMD, laser cannons, deadly and ingrained calumny. Nor will the stern threat of leaning in mass into pitchforks that forever uniquely saved from collectivization the fields of Poland. But acquiescence is running thinner now, and the highly-concentrated will of the masses of humanity exploding and igniting around the world, not relenting, making its own life from scratch, possibly might.

JH: 9/30/16