by James Hufferd, Ph.D.      
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

     Can you imagine your bank asking all of its account-holders to determine matters of bank policy and direction democratically, by popular vote? Or, Exxon or BP to permit the general public, the theoretical masters of the governments supposedly charged with regulating them, to democratically determine their practices, acquisitions, expenditures, and membership of their boards for everyday operations? I didn’t think so.
     And exactly au contraire to such a model, the top leadership of the New World Order, its existence now – amazing as it may seem – for the first time almost universally believed in, is nonchalantly characterized these days as being completely bonkers, given the apparent suicidal bent of its apoplexy-inducing, pan-genocidal seeming practices and gambits, as well as most likely totally psychopathic (i.e., completely devoid of human empathy), as well as, for sure, compulsively homicidal. So, what gives? What can we point to in the imagined past of the imagined monumental swells that direct our world down such a tortuous, dark and narrow path as has become a daily terror, driving us mere mortals at least figuratively back into fetal position in the deepest depths of our own familiar little beddy-bys? What could it be that they drink or inhale that gives them the stomach to command and oversee such gut-churning, earth-mogrifying mad lurches straight into their own and our quite obvious oblivion? To rephrase slightly: What in the hell is going on?
     Well, you’ve heard of it. It’s called corporatism, an aggressively fatal disease dyed in the wool of those blokes and just maybe one or two thus-imbued wench heiresses, and applied thereby unsparingly, universally, maximally.
      And its absolute, invariant iron tenets, comprising its enforced demands, both of all individuals everywhere and at the level of protesting but conforming nations’ every obeisance, their combined tribute rendered upward to the topmost echelon of economic and cultural control, bleeding the most reluctant and least-able supplicants white and rendering all dependent on the emerging world state we expected we might see arise generations hence.Globalism on drunken opiate times twelve. And with all workers rendered mere leeches, as not mere mechanization but, way beyond that, digitation replaces all jobs, being cast off, poisoned, “humanely” starved of life: making way for the uber-élite’s utopia.
     The top dogs’ means? War (playing the desired ouster of one solitary man in Syria and the support of an illegitimate overthrow regime in Ukraine so as to seriously bandy a threatened rain of nukes on Russia; the same over islets and platforms in the Sea of China at its adjacent namesake’s world realm; crudest mutilation of Libya to create an example, over its daring to emit its own currency. Add on pathetic, shocking, inevitable waves of refugees from the pilloried Middle East descending on Europe, to harden countries there and turn them toward war, as well as apparent false-flag attacks. Then there’s signal fiscal bleeding from extreme forced austerity, to break to compliance nations and unfortunate bank account-holders in Greece and, reportedly, Austria. Even induced “natural” forces (evidently, with Fukushima, to snap Japan into precise conformity; induced super-volcanic eruptions to warn the feisty tiny nation of Iceland and, by example, others; very likely-induced severe drought, crippling and bringing to heel the resistant sub-nation of California; and possibly induced earthquakes in the rebellious East of the U.S., where that’s never happened. Add whatever might be coming soon to Britain as a result of Brexit. Temper with a precipitate snuffing out of personal rights and bothersome ankle-biting expression by Truthers, etc., ever-present surveillance across the western world, continually-widening inequality everywhere. And add in their promise to organically marry man and machine into one in the near future (possibly fitted to kick out designer offspring), along with bland homogenization of food supplies, killing us slowly and supplanting worldwide small agriculture and so very much else that’s good for everyone.
     But then again, it is argued, who is letting them do it? Think about it. While they’re steadily tightening their grip, according to a plan some say is centuries old, we are the ones who continually try, resolutely, stubbornly forging ahead, to live on, though hampered, as before. According to my latest cyber sweetie, Nozomi Hayase, we, the billions, are the ones who hold the real power. “When we stop playing along with this virtual fantasy of grandeur, their world dissolves,” she reminds or informs us in a current article, adding, “Psychopaths do not possess the creativity that we [whole humans] have.” (See Nozomi Hayase,   ).
     So, who are these monsters that direct and inflict all this misery and suffering stint or remorse on the entire globe? Are they America’s real underclassunder the White House or in spacious, long tunnel-connected city bunker bases deep under the East Coast and quite possibly beyond, as rumored? The American “deep-state” shadow government manipulating Wall Street, the military, and everything?
     I say no; they are the high bosses, the overlords before which even these perhaps in ignorance as to exactly who, tremble and beseech for trillion-dollar table scraps. Then, are they the Zionist high Sanhedrin on the Temple Mount in the wickedest corner of the Middle East?No. They, like America and its new dependencies in Europe, are franchised underlings.
     I believe the world’s “unitary executive”, richly served by fallible and mortal, though perhaps vast information services, may well meet regularly around a fairly ordinary-looking business conference table on some level either inside or less-conspicuously nearby the massive high-rise that is shaped (probably not by coincidence) exactly like a gigantic boot, loosely known as the “Tower of Basel”, the longtime home of the Bank for International Settlements, the unified central bankers of the world’s own central bank, in Basel, Switzerland. And the trustees of that proto-Nazi founded bank likely predominate among the trustees of the current world. And their subordinate specialized executive organs almost certainly include the Bilderberg group, the CFR in the U.S., etc. Restating what I’ve said before, that’s my best guess as to who is choreographing and inflicting nearly all the pain.
     So, strap on your pop-gun, if that’s what you’ve got to offer. Because the Globalist vs. Nationalist and Individualist World War, coercion vs. resistance is on.
JH: 9/5/16