Democrat Delegate Warns that Hillary is a Coup, and That She is Really at About 15% in the Polls! Don't Fear Donald Trump and Don't Vote for Hillary Clinton!

As the Dems fear monger and corporate media propagandizes to viewers about the danger of a Trump Presidency, the central point is deliberately ignored. Donald Trump can not win. Bernie Sanders just had his nomination stolen in a criminal act to ensure the installation of the corporate & military industrial power structure's servant. And, Donald Trump is NOT the choice of those entities either. Debbie calls out the absurdity on Bernie stating he will vote for Hillary because we need to stop Trump and holds him to account for his deafening silence on election fraud.

Most of what she says about Hillary, the establishment and Vote Fraud is accurate, but it seems she has not fully realised that Sanders is also deeply tied to the system. Sanders voted for war and sanctions at every step except for the Iraq War invasion (when it seems he took 'political sides', whereas in the 90s he wanted Clinton to attack). Sanders main claim to popularity is his anti-corporate spiel. Play as radio noise.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, July 6th, 2016.]


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