by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                       Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
*          *          *
     Everything that really matters on the world scene and in the tenor of people’s lives around the globe seems to be in a state of ominous and unpredictable gridlock now. The gears have just jammed and locked. The music is lowered, muted and uncertain, morbidly flat. Everyone on all sides feels uneasy, unsure what to do, waiting, doubting by now anything can be done that can result in anything but disaster and disorder – both in the sense of haphazardness, a seize-up of vital organs, a partial loss of connection, and in the sense of some global disease, a collective mass failure of brain and heart, so unnourished as to unsustain, unmove us, freeze us in the mid-summer heat.

     But what keeps roaring on – if you tune into the world sound machine, the internet, is the full-scale, calling all hands battle for our allegiance. Criticize him as you will, as a crackpot, a blowhard who misinterprets, finding conspiracists and agents in the floor slats under his washing machine and hiding in the trash can next his garage, Alex Jones gave us inarguably the best meme for what is happening unabated now, and has been and will be for years, maybe extending into centuries:  Info Wars.

     That’s what’s happening – Info Wars – to convince us to choose security, the protection of surrogate daddy and mommy against horrid, marauding forces of indiscriminate killers and extinguishers of “our way of life”, whatever remains free (if anything) in the “free world”. And the actions themselves in this gigantic Info Wars world are more messages designed scientifically to send us scurrying in one direction or another, helter-skelter, different subsets of us in different places at different times, to oppose each other, dispirit us, motivate us selectively, dissuade us from trying to assert any control of or on our own.

     It’s Info Wars, for sure. Insiders’ revelations, on the other side, that used to sound hare-brained, are now touted by leading experts, renegade experts, gentle and radical, who throw around now-everyday phrases and concepts, like “the NWO” that used to sound like comic book material. “Deep State” is arriving in the mainstream lexicon as we speak. Suddenly, now, everybody knows.
               Why such gloom and doom today, at the fag end of lovely
          June? Bear with me.  Where to start? Brexit. Paul Craig Roberts
          says today (,
          that “Washington has no intention of permitting the
          British to exit the European Union… If Britain is actually permitted
          to leave the two-year long negotiations will be used to tie the
          British into the EU so firmly that Britain leaves in name only.” PCR
          goes on to remind us that “Martin Schultz, president of the EU
          Parliament [no less], puts it clearly: ‘It is not the EU philosophy
          that the crowd can dictate its fate’.” In other words, “democracy”
          and “freedom” are part of the western word narrative – words,
          quaint thoughts. Not real. As everybody knows, or will, sooner or
               The powers that be couldn’t quite bring themselves to order a
          British re-vote on the issue of leave or stay – as they basically did
          with Greece, the now looked-down-on cradle of democracy,
          earlier, after which they cowed the country’s formerly rebellious
          leaders into selling their countrymen into submission. Because the
          Brits, they know, would raise their hackles (what is a “hackle”?) if
          tried that with them. Instead, they will oblige them to restore
          their shackles behind the screen.
               Quite similarly, the Republican party. set the table for
          candidate selection by the voters in the in the U.S. primaries,
          read them the rules, and then after the voters, with minds,
          spurned the establishment favorites, dangled per usual in front
          of them by the elders, and quite deliberately chose the anathema
          Donald Trump, the elders appear ready to try to mash him and
          them and pick a guy that will suit them instead.
               But they might not really try that at their Cleveland convention,
          Because they’re probably not quite dumb enough to risk blood
          and a party-killing walk-out on election day.
               The Dems? A lot of collusion – drastically restricting the
          electorate in New York, winning by the margin of 6 straight coin-
          flips in favor of Hillary in Iowa, winning by leaving 2 million-plus
          still uncounted and mismanaging legal ballot access in CA,
          programming voting machines to misappropriate votes in Ohio –
          gave the party golden girl the nomination, subject to two (2)
          probable FBI investigators’ recommendations for Justice
          Department criminal indictments pending, and pending, and
               So, yesterday, Bill Clinton just happened to run into Attorney
         General Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport, and they met in
         secret for half an hour in one or other of their private jets on the
         tarmac.  (“Your trailer or mine?”) Appearances, at very least, cast
         to the wind.
              What do I really think is going on here? I suspect that the FBI
         investigators have really got the goods on Hillary and are
         clamoring for enforcement of the law, and the AG and the White
         House are still in a quandary, seeking a way out where one may
         not exist. Reports more or less out of school from various sources
         that don’t generally fantasize say that, in the event the Justice
         Department opts not to indict, the FBI criminal investigators
         themselves have vowed to spill the whole odious mess and let the
         public judge and presumably convict.
              I would predict that who the public would go after first, in that
        event, would be the Prez and his AG, and that his legacy would be
        akin to Watergate. And the press can’t pronounce why Bernie is
        biding his time still in the race for the nomination. So much for
        ferreting out the truth. I could be wrong on all counts.
             Funny how Orlando is almost forgotten already. And now,
       they’re saying Russians were involved in the Turkish airport assault.
       No love lost there.
             And you wonder why the U.S. government is said to have
      ordered so many millions of rounds of small-arms ammunition.
      While we wait to see which way the wind will blow next. Regardless,
      we’ll all of us be downwind.
JH: 6/30/16