by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                          Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     From the standpoint of its people, this country (the U.S.A.) is shredded, the social contract is missing. But the controllers – the considerable industry of image-manipulators, false-flag operators, narrative-spinners, trolls, and illusionists employed by the investing and ruling élite to preoccupy and misdirect us, while the élite literally fleece us by siphoning away our income and recourse, seems on the verge of losing its control over us completely through its long-tested and certified means.
     The cynical view is that ordinary politics doesn’t matter at all, is just a ruse. But, it should matter. Its theft from the citizenry, step by step, is well-documented, and that it was designed as a system resistant to concentrated power is manifest. The opposite is the situation today.
     But people are belatedly figuring that out. In fact, Republicans especially, perhaps America’s most spun-to sub-population, have had it. In droves, they’re not looking or listening anymore. They’ve in effect turned around with arms folded and eyes closed, determined not to listen to any more crapola or suggestions from on high (though realizing that much is already internalized in their thinking). And declared Democrats and Independents, by and large, are barely a step behind them.
     Trump’s and Sanders’s candidacies – seemingly naively telling people they had the power to sidestep the controllers’ manipulation of their lives, were tolerated by the honchos (at least this time) because they were unanticipated. The controllers/ fleecers of the public had cut too close to the bone in fleecing large, already threadbare parts of the country, where people just weren’t having it anymore. And this much rebellion, their control relinquished or, with the Democrats, uncovered and condemned, is what they got.
     Now, the would-be participants – voters – get nothing definite, only uncertainty, with Trump, surely the most unpredictable candidate ever. But, is that any worse than Hillary, the Council on Foreign Relations cultist and neocon, who is ready to practically sing the controllers’ presidential script and heighten and expand all their baked-in dirty dealing at home and abroad with a grandmotherly smile? You decide. At least, Trump, as president, though they’re reining him in as I write this, may actually stumble onto fragments of the truth and, if he beholds them, or thinks he does, remark and shed light on them. Whereas Hillary, well-practiced, would know better than to deviate or tell.
     And if the results of either “in power” scare people badly enough, they just might seek and demand the underlying truth, about 9/11 and so very much else, most likely starting by casting aside the strict taboo against suggesting that the U.S. (or, in some cases, U.S.-sponsored forces) had deliberately done the putrid and monstrous deeds itself customarily blamed to powerful effect on U.S.-designated enemies. Or that the U.S. itself might have created and sponsored the infuriating terror groups evidence shows it has raised up and designated as enemies to justify more wars and repression. Suspicions are swirling around out there as never before, and we can help to inform them.
     And once people are onto the game, at least enough to suspect and question, they’re not going to be civil and docile as before until their questionings and suspicions are satisfied.  Our part is to continue to spread the truth as we know it.
     “People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to.” – Malcolm Muggerage. Now, may they not believe them because they don’t want to.
JH: 5/24/16