Is the Clinton Body Count Real? - Hillary (And Bill) The Murder Volume: Part Three of the Clinton Trilogy

"Hillary (And Bill) The Murder Volume: Part Three of the Clinton Trilogy

Is the Clinton Body Count real? This question has plagued the former First Couple for nearly twenty years, and has become such an integral part of popular culture that Hillary has been forced to sarcastically refer to it in press conferences. (“Some people even say we’re involved in drug dealing and murder.”) Late-night television comedians joke about rivals and enemies being whacked, while the Associated Press ran a story on August 22nd saying that the reason Barack Obama didn’t select Mrs. Clinton as his running mate was because he’d be forced to “double his Secret Service Guard and hire a food taster.” The article by Mark Whittington continued, “Having Hillary Clinton as Obama's VP would be like taking a poisonous viper to bed.”

Still, is the Clinton Body Count real, or simply an urban legend or far-flung conspiracy theory? In book three of the Clinton trilogy, an overwhelming amount of evidence is provided proving that the 110+ people who’ve died under mysterious circumstances – all tied in some way, shape, or form to the Clintons – far surpasses any chance of it merely being coincidence. The odds of such a phenomenon occurring naturally are, in fact, so miniscule that alternative explanations become necessary."



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