Debunking '50 Reasons NOT to Vote for Donald Trump' Book

This book is a total joke! The second reason given to not vote for Trump is that he will start a nuclear war and the source given for this claim is from a fake news site! It's a spoof and the author was fooled. sounds legit, right? I should just stop there, but I'll take on a few more points.

The book argues that Trump's campaign is just a way to sell his next book, really? It also claims his political incorrectness is not a virtue, as was so eloquently argued recently by Nick Adams of, but rather a sign of Trump's bigotry. The reason given; because Trump dares to say that while he loves Muslims and has many phenomenal Muslim friends, that radical Islam is a problem. That's the reason he is bigot according to the author, I'm not kidding.

The number 14 reason not to vote for Trump is simply: Mexico. Nothing more is said. The number 14 reason in the 50 reasons TO Vote for Trump book is at least funny and a bit more substantive, informing us that Trump will not sport the same hair as president because it takes too long to do to doo, that is good to know!

It is argued in the book that Trump is against legal immigration because of this statement in his immigration policy:
Immigration moderation. Before any new green cards are issued to foreign workers abroad, there will be a pause where employers will have to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed immigrant and native workers. This will help reverse women's plummeting workplace participation rate, grow wages, and allow record immigration levels to subside to more moderate historical averages.
The author argues that this would hurt the economy by providing a generic statement about how immigration is good for the economy, but there would be immigration under Trump. The heart of the matter is missed. The real question is, is our current level of immigration good for the economy. In April of 2015 The Washington Post ran an op-ed that deals with this question directly, here's a snippet:
America needs to curb immigration flows 
If no immigration curbs are enacted, the Census Bureau estimates that another 14 million immigrants will come to the United States between now and 2025. That means we will introduce a new population almost four times larger than that of Los Angeles in just 10 years time. 
The percentage of the country that is foreign-born is on track to rapidly eclipse any previous historical peak and to continue rising. Imagine the pressure this will put on wages, as well as schools, hospitals and many other community resources. 
It is not mainstream, but extreme, to continue surging immigration beyond any historical precedent and to do so at a time when almost 1 in 4 Americans age 25 to 54 does not have a job. What we need now is immigration moderation: slowing the pace of new arrivals so that wages can rise, welfare rolls can shrink and the forces of assimilation can knit us all more closely together. 
But high immigration rates help the financial elite (and the political elite who receive their contributions) by keeping wages down and profits up. For them, what’s not to like? That is why they have tried to enforce silence in the face of public desire for immigration reductions. They have sought to intimidate good and decent Americans into avoiding honest discussion of how uncontrolled immigration impacts their lives. 
But that dam is breaking. The elite consensus is crumbling — and the enforced silence on this critical issue will end.
I'll give you one better from Trump's immigration policy.
Additionally, we need to stop giving legal immigrant visas to people bent on causing us harm. From the 9/11 hijackers, to the Boston Bombers, and many others, our immigration system is being used to attack us. The President of the immigration caseworkers union declared in a statement on ISIS: “We've become the visa clearinghouse for the world.”
See YouTube Video: 9/11 Citizens' Commission - 10. Michael Springman VISAs for Terrorists

How's that for a reason to vote for Trump?!

But the book says a good reason not to vote for Trump is that he is a fear-monger, facts be damned! I think I've made my point, this book sucks. OR it's a really clever spoof and the joke's on me. Hmm?