Please write to C-Span Book TV


Following Richard Gage's appearance following numerous requests on C-SPAN, I am wondering if we might be able to get Kevin Barrett invited for an interview about the great anthology he organized, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, on C-SPAN Book TV. If we could, it would get our alternative point of view about what is really behind international terrorism out there to millions of people probably for the first time.

The sample letter below, which I will submit to C-SPAN Book TV directly at,  is included here to showcase the pertinent information. Accordingly, please submit your own request to C-SPAN and forward this message to many, many others, requesting that they also email C-SPAN Book TV and request Kevin's appearance re the book.

Dear C-SPAN Book TV,

I am writing to request that you consider featuring an interview on C-SPAN 2 (Book TV) with Dr, Kevin J. Barrett, co-author and editor of a top-selling very pointed anthology by a number of qualified scholars published in April, 2015 by Khadir Press, entitled We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Freethinkers Question the French 9/11. In sum, the book sets forth a very distinct systematic case regarding the background and meaning of the early-2015 Paris attacks which deserves to be heard and considered by all Americans.


James Hufferd, Ph.D.