by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

     Trump and Sanders both bewail that present-day America falls far short of its self-proclaimed and potential destiny, in different respect – Trump in a holistic sense, of not being able to wrest its share of economic lucre from other nations by diplomacy and swagger, Sanders in the sense of providing amply and justly for all of her citizens.
     Both have their points, but both miss the point in so far as both offer fixes forsymptoms, and not the forever unmentionable pathological syndrome responsible for both aspects, its root causes, and its other even more dire repercussions.
     Dare they blame, in this day and age, the economic system predicated on the Fed, the so-called Federal Reserve, the American guise of amalgamated international central banking that parasitically cripples the economy of by far the most productive engine in the world, ours, as it does also the economies of Europe, Canada, Australia, etc., through their own compulsory chapters? This by loaning back to each of them annually the sum their revenue struggles to only partially repay with full-blown compound interest. Meaning over time they must essentially pay their governmental obligations twice.  Thus the alien entity most responsible for our foundered economy and individual woes turns out to be the international central bank cartel, and not deviously-negotiating foreign governments.
     The protesting politicians dare not breach this essential fact, nor the tandem factoid that liquidity in such a perennially heavily-burdened economy as ours cannot be sustained under the current larcenous arrangement by the normal productivity of the country, but must be heavily subsidized by an enormously bloated and vigorous military supply and mobilization sector enforcing the perennially rough grabbing of and hijacking access to fuels, narcotics, and other strategic materials belonging to less-fortunate others. Or that the political permission to sustain this inherently outrageously cancerous sectoral add-on must be sustained by a vast 24/7/365 veritable industry devoted to inventing and pulling off endless false-flag operations (initiated in a big way by 9/11), falsified reporting, the fostering of endless false terrorist groups, and preposterous myth enhancement and advancement intended to redefine not only America itself but the vaguely-sentient human organism universally.
     Hence, it falls to us – you and I – to do what our rebellious politicians either won’t, or don’t dare do, lest the big guns dependent on heartless crime eviscerate them in a blink. We must find ways to enlighten the world, so the world will know what to demand desperately, both overwhelmingly and irresistibly in concert – that is to stop the daylight robbery, halt the insidious game at once at its source. Let’s make the very most of the freedom we still have left at least fleetingly during the transition to permanent lockdown, to inform and mobilize.
JH: 1/22/16