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This MLK truth from the trial song has been out for free and promoted on line for several years. But as far as I know, only one radio show (Kevin Barrett's show) has dared to air it on a radio station ( linked below!). Note the studio quality, the untold repressed history, and the wonderful viola accompaniment. Listen well! Lyrics also below. Share if you like this message! Vic

Free song download at SoundCloud/BroadsideBalladeer with lyrics in the description box!  
The Music Video: "An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King" (2013) by Vic Sadot
The song is based on the book of the same title by King family lawyer, William Pepper. The book tells the story of the trial that Pepper won on behalf of the King family in 1999 in a Memphis court where a jury of 6 black and 6 white jurors unanimously found Loyd Jowers and un-named government conspirators guilty of murdering Martin Luther King.

From William Pepper to Vic Sadot: “Thanks so much for the effort you and others are making in the common struggle to air the truth about how this Republic, and each one of us, lost Martin. Thank you for taking the time to put some important history into a ballad. This, of course, is the role of the Balladeer without whom much of history would be lost, especially in our time with the consolidation of control of the mainstream media. I am grateful. Bill Pepper.”
“Vic Sadot Interview on Martin Luther King Day 2015 by Kevin J Barrett” on No Lies Radio "Truth Jihad" Show on 1-19-15. Kevin Barrett recently edited and published a book with 22 international scholars titled "We Are Not Charlie Hebdo", the French 9/11, which resulted in repressive legislation in France similar to the Orwellian-named US "Patriot (Repression) Act"... then martial law after the 11/13 Paris attacks. I wrote a song by the same title and Kevin Barrett contributed key ideas for two of the six verses. It’s been made into a music video too.
​​ Kevin has edited and released a new book this month on the Friday the 13th Paris attacks and the events in San Bernardino.​ Here’s the 2015 MLK Day interview​ featuring 6 Vic Sadot songs​!

An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King

William Pepper was a young man when he first met Dr. King
Who read his war reporting on Viet children suffering (1 Ramparts magazine 1967)
Martin asked young William Pepper to speak about the war
To come to his congregation. And they were friends forevermore…

Then William went to law school to put his talents to the task
To fight for social justice! To answer questions we must ask!
It was April 4, 1968 when Martin Luther King
Was murdered in the broad day light… It was a devastating thing!

There was a mighty “Rush to Judgment” (2 Mark Lane on JFK)…To blame it on James Earl Ray
There was agreement in the government to tell the media what to say
The media called it “a crime of hate”… A “lone-nut” simple thing…
Now we know it was “An Act of State” (3 Book by William Pepper), the execution of Dr. King

James Earl Ray was just a patsy, an escaped prisoner for sure…
With a top security identity for the whole 9 months before…
Some rogues within the government shielded James as “Eric Galt”
Gave him a car and a license to secure him ‘til assault…

To protect this petty criminal… To put the patsy into place
His handler sent him to Memphis where like a pawn he showed his face
Well, Martin marched for Civil Rights! And he stood against all war!
He spoke for truth and justice, and non-violence. That’s for sure!

When Martin stood with the workers… in solidarity with the poor…
That high class oligarchy hated Martin. That’s for sure!
Earl Clark was one of the Memphis cops meeting at Loyd Jowers Grill
Across from the Lorraine Motel where Dr. King was killed

Two military snipers teams would have also fired
If the police team from Memphis failed to do what was required
Next day cops cleaned the crime scene… Hauled the brush and the proof away
They avoided all the witnesses that might have some truth to say

Too many unanswered questions still blowin’ in the wind
In a murder investigation so deliberately ruined
Too many disturbing answers still came out in the trial
Enough to prove conspiracy to a nation in denial

Six white and six black jurors unanimously agreed
The facts presented at the trial proved who really did the deed
Yes, it all came out in the trial that in ’99 they won!
When the government was convicted of the conspiracy they’d done

William Pepper was the lawyer who won the case in court
But when he went to the press conference no reporters came to report
So here’s to William Pepper! The King Family, brave and wise!
For standing for the truth for us! For overcoming all the lies!

William Pepper, keep on struggling! You know you’re following…
The teachings and the vision, and the dream of Dr. King!
William Pepper wrote a book about the trial and everything…
An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (3)

Copyright August 12, 2009 Victor Rene Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music
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