A previously unpublished piece about the Federal Reserve I wrote as a guest op ed three-plus years ago, the subject alludes to the other tong of the pincer of control wielded worldwide by the central core in control.


by James Hufferd a private citizen in Adel,Iowa
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We recently celebrated our nation’s independence with flags, speeches, picnics, and bombs bursting in air. But, how independent are we really as a nation and as self-sustaining citizens, when the following conditions apply?

1) With quite likely the richest resource base, most-productive population and greatest infrastructure on earth, our economy remains stagnant and increasingly depressed for growing numbers of us. Our savings and personal net worth are depleted, and many more of us have become increasingly helpless financially and dependent or penurious as the debilitated economy creaks along.

2. Under arrangements in place for the past 100 years, every cent collected in federal income taxes currently goes to pay interest on the money supply the government has to order up from the internationally-owned Federal Reserve central bank, the precise identity of whose stockholders is a closely-guarded secret. Meanwhile, our colossal and growing national indebtedness stems from consequentially having to borrow massively in the U.S. as well as abroad to fund everything else the government does.

3. This ruinous, and entirely avoidable, situation holds despite the clear and specific stipulation in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 7) that Congress is to coin and emit all money – not privatize and farm out the task to a for-profit company, either domestic or international.

4. This very constitutional stipulation, and the serious and prescient reasoning behind it, is what moved several of our earlier Presidents – Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, and Lincoln – to productively oppose, and as far as possible, prevent the ever-ready private central banking scheme from taking control of U.S. financial fortunes. A later President, John Kennedy, likewise took measures to remove the Fed from supplying our money and restore that function to the government, as required constitutionally, before he was shot.

5. The “money” that the Federal Reserve central bank profits unimaginably from providing the U.S. Treasury on order – the interest due on which beggars even our world-leading system of productivity, while overseas units of the same global central banking monopoly are simultaneously shredding Europe – is spun out of thin air. The only mechanism supporting it is the agreement, renewed daily, of each one of us to go along with the illusion. And we are, in a manner of speaking, being flummoxed, our lives trashed, by hot air used to keep it up.

The story unfolded here (simplified a bit) is not made up by idiots and cranks. Anyone with a little time and determination can check all the facts in books available to the public or with a bit of research online. Why haven't we heard about all this, if the realities are really so outrageous? Because it’s long been a taboo subject, banned from mainstream discussion.

But, when not only our national and personal independence, but perhaps our national existence might ultimately be at stake, isn't it time to at least talk openly about the Fed and what our nation’s relationship toward and dependence on it going forward ought to be?