911 News: ISIS - the play; John Perkins; US Uni breaks ranks

9/11 News Updates, Jan 2016
1. Eventful Year Ahead

2. I.S.I.S, the play.

3. Progress in the Academic Community. 


5. Trump Sails Close to 911 Red Line

6. 9/11 Debate in MSM; AE911 20k brochures; get our leaflets

7. Cameron Brings Thought Police a Step Nearer in Schools

Busy Year Ahead
2016 is the 15th anniversary of the 911 attacks which kicked off the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Despite promises that the NATO countries would never again ally themselves with Al Qaeda type  terrorists, they have done just that in Libya and Syria. 

The autumn saw at least two big steps forward: public support from John Perkins, author of the seminal book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; and a university department committing to an independent modelling of the 9/11 building collapses (see below) 


I.S.I.S, the play.
A London based group, which is becoming too successful in questioning 9/11, is infiltrated by the security services. For the result of that infiltration.........Come and see!!!!

Peter Neathey has followed his play Seven Seconds with a new play I.S.I.S. The flyer is attached to this mailing. Peter writes:

Last year David Cameron made it clear that he felt that anyone who questioned the veracity of the official 9/11 narrative was a "Non Violent Extremist". In my new play "I.S.I.S." is the acronym for Intelligence. Surveillance. Infillitration. Subversion.


Progress in the Academic Community.
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is as active as ever, with  important breakthroughs in the academic community. Niels Harrit writes...

At our universities, we have a constant flow of seminars, conferences, symposia, presentations, defenses, lectures, etc, where everything is discussed in assemblies of peers. Everything is discussed ­ except 911.

The university is not dead. Just silent. Expertise and integrity are still abundant. One very living example of this is Professor Leroy Hulsey from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has undertaken the exciting project of modeling the collapse of World Trade Center 7. This is the first independent, university-based modeling of the collapse of World Trade Center 7.

This research may be the first case of a crowd-funded university project. We don't know where Professor Hulsey's research will lead but we will learn what claims made by the National Institute of Standards and Technology are possible ­ and what claims are not possible.

And it will be us, the members of the 911 Truth community, who made this unbiased research possible. And from somewhere, Sir Isaac Newton will look down on Professor Hulsey's efforts, smile, and say: "Didn't I tell you already?"
To join in the crowd funding please go to the AE911 website.

There is more good news too: an academic forum 911 Critical Questions has taken place - and not been stopped by the administrators or seen the organiser sacked. Professor Jay Kappraff of the New Jersey Institute of Technology writes...

Yes, the forum did happen. However at the last minute the college withdrew some of their support so we could not videotape it. I tried to get our civil engineering department to participate (in Prof Hulsey's project) but they apparently feel that the subject is too hot to handle. We tried to balance the program by inviting NIST but they refused to give us any input and would not even recommend some academic who supports their conclusions.


The film INCONTROVERTIBLE now has its own website. It has been widely welcomed as professional, accurate and profound. It can be watched on Youtube, where it has over 180,000 views. It can also be viewed via the website. Tony Rooke, maker of the film, has just started a 9/11 petition on Change.org 


Trump Sails Close to 911 Red Line
Whatever you think about Donald Trump, he has at least challenged the Washington establishment and broken the mainstream silence on 9/11. He has said the Bush family should not be seeking to benefit from 9/11. Even his false comments that Muslims were celebrating in New York have drawn attention to the fact that a group of Israelis was arrested there after celebrating the events. A Trump aide has tweeted the dangerous idea that Hilary Clinton is behind at least one Daesh propaganda video. The widely respected journalist Glenn Greenwald has said that despite the horror of the "liberal" establishment Trump is no more right wing than most Washington politicians. His supporters say that he is independent financially and, as an opponent of the endless wars, he is better than Hilary Clinton.


9/11 Debate in MSM; AE911 20k brochures; get our leaflets
Over Christmas the Guardian ran the standard establishment "conspiracy theories are bad for you" article again (under a new byline but the same content as ever). Comments were closed after 5 days and 3,340 odd comments, but there is no need to trawl through them as the blog 911debunkers. blogspot. com, which specialises in debunking the debunkers, covered most of the key points. 

Meanwhile a similar article in the Boston Globe led to an almost unprecedented event in the mainstream media: the newspaper actually published a sober and logical letter in response from Richard Gage of  AE911, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.

AE911's recent brochure is being  mailed out to 20,000 specially selected recipients including engineers from NIST (the official Washington agency that failed to investigate the building collapses transparently)

RI911 leaflets, carefully crafted to summarise our case, are available, please email info@reinvestigate911.org to collect some or get some sent out. We have supplies in Notting Hill, Hackney and Hove.


Cameron Brings Thought Police a Step Nearer in Schools
The campaign to smear us as non-violent extremists is having a bumpy ride even in the mainstream media where they will often admit in private that today's conspiracy theory is tomorrow's fact. In the UK the Independent newspaper is questioninggovernment guidance that "young people who take issue with government policy or question what they are told in the media may have been radicalised by extremists". 

RI911 has been told by insiders that the apparatus for enforcing thought control is quietly being established in schools and other institutions throughout the UK. Leaflets like this, drawn up by an inner-city child safeguarding board warn parents and carers - who are expected to spy on their charges. It states that “showing a mistrust of mainstream media reports and belief in conspiracy theories... appearing angry about government policies, especially foreign policies” are key signs of radicalisation.

The Guardian reports that schools now have a legal duty to promote the new thought control agenda