What you can do for Saturday's #StopBombingSyria demonstration

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Bulletin - 10th December 2015

National #StopBombingSyria Demonstration - This Saturday 12th December
Stop the War is organising a national #StopBombingSyria demonstration this Saturday. The demonstration is supported by CND and the Muslim Association of Britain and will be attended by people from all over the UK.

The march will assemble at Broadcasting House, Portland Place, W1A 1AA at midday. Nearest tube stations: Oxford Circus is the nearest tube stop but due to crowds we recommend Great Portland Street or Regent's Park. We will be marching to Downing Street where will have speeches from a range of speakers.

What you can do for Saturday  
Saturday's demonstration could hardly be more important. British bombing will only increase the number of civilian casualties.Reports suggest just one Western bombing run killed 26 civilians on Monday in Hasakeh province in Northern Syria.

As well as increasing the misery of the Syrian people, the bombing will entrench the war and increase bitterness against the West. As a series of regional and global powers are now fighting for influence in and over Syria, the risk of terrifying escalation is obvious. We need to do everything possible to end the bombing.  

The government has failed to win the argument for war. David Cameron didn't get hoped for cross-party support and last week net public support for attacks fell by 31 percentage points.

We have to make sure that public opposition to war is loud and clear on Saturday. We still have 48 hours to spread the word.Here are a few things you can do that will really help:
  • Tweet out about the demonstration. There will be a twitter storm at 7pm this evening, please join.
  • Leaflet your tube, high street, college or workplace.  You can download them from the website here, or if you are in London come and pick up leaflets from the office. Phone 020 7561 4830.                   
  • Check for local transport from outside of London here    
  • If you can help out by volunteering at the demonstration please contact us on 020 7561 4830

A new poem from Michael Rosen
Whatever they say about us,
we haven't killed anyone.
They've killed hundreds of thousands. 
Hundreds and hundreds of thousands.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands.
Perhaps they think that if they keep pointing
at us, saying,
'Stop the War are the problem!'
no one will notice the blood 
on their hands.

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