What science-as-we-know-it can learn from the 9/11 truth movement |295|

Investigative journalist Luke Rudkowski shows us how to talk to power and challenge the status quo. 
My Skeptiko interviews with some of the world’s leading consciousness researchers and thinkers gradually changed my opinion about how interconnected we really are; and over the years my interest in investigating the craziness of science-as-we-know-it and the absurdity of big picture science led me to re-examine other beliefs. I took a fresh look at what the mainstream media had told me about geo-politics and compared it what I was learning about the “deep state.” The lies, cover-ups and disinformation I discovered went way beyond what I ever imagined. And while the learning process was painful, it also came with an unexpected silver lining — the discovery of a brave, highly-creative group of do-it-yourself investigative journalists who had found a way to talk to power like no one before. 
Today on Skeptiko we’re going to find out why this act of talking to power and challenging authority is not only the answer to moving toward a better and more just political system, but also the ONLY way to unmask the nitwits who’ve crippled science-as-we-know-it with a ridiculous soul crushing materialism we talk so much about on this show:


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