Growing opposition to government air strikes in Syria

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Newsletter 07 December 2015

Growing opposition to government air strikes in Syria

There is growing opposition to government air strikes in Syria. Over the weekend there were protests and meetings across the country which reflected this opposition and a determination to do something about the government's latest warSee lobby of Hilary Benn MP in his Leeds constituency...

The national demonstration is critical in continuing  to build on this momentum. The reason for a national gathering is to put as much pressure on the government and to get the highest possible profile in the media. A strong national demo will make the point that there is widespread opposition to this latest war. Every day sees the prospect of conflicts between the various powers intervening. It also sees a growth in numbers of casualties. This demonstration is of the greatest importance. 

Stop Bombing Syria | National demonstration
Saturday 12 December | Assemble12 Noon
BBC Broadcasting House | Portland Place W1A 1AA

There are coaches and other forms of transport coming from around the country. We are also expecting a good turnout from around London. Updates for the demonstration, coaches, resources etc here...
We are pleased to announce that the demonstration on 12 December is being supported by theCampaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Muslim Association.

What you can do to help build the Stop Bombing Syria campaign

Stop the War is asking all its groups and supporters to do everything they can to help active opposition to the bombing of Syria.

Leafletting: Thousands of leaflets will be available from the Stop the War office tomorrow, Tuesday 8 December: Contact 0207 561 4830. Leaflet shopping centres, schools, colleges, tube or railway stations from tomorrow to build support for the demonstration. Leaflet artwork can also be downloaded for printing from the #StopBombingSyria Action Page...

Share the details of the demonstation on Facebook and other forms of social media. Join in our twitter storm tonight Monday at 7 30pm, using the hashtag #StopBombingSyria.

Transport: Book coaches and other transport if you are outside London. Send details to the Stop the War office, which we will publicise on our website.

Visit trade unions and community organisations to win their support. Many unions have good anti war policy. Visit churches, mosques and other faith organisations to win support for the demo

Organise delegations from your college, school or work so you all come to the demonstration together.

Defend the right to protest against war
There has been a barrage of attacks on Stop the War in recent days, from the media and from some MPs, including Labour MP Tristram Hunt on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show. Hunt's claim that we are 'disreputable' would be a better description of some MPs who have repeatedly voted for war despite all the evidence of the damage it causes. 
Labour's deputy Tom Watson has retracted some of his claims. See Stop the War's statement on Tristram Hunt's accusations...    

We have been accused of bullying and intimidation, a charge that we reject. 
See Were MPs bullied by anti-war protesters before they voted on bombing Syria? 

There was no picket of the Walthamstow MPs house, there was no picket of Labour HQ, there was only a series of protests and lobbying letters. Perhaps what concerns those MPs like Tristram Hunt is that Stop the War has been highly effective over the past weeks in its campaign against the bombing of Syria. He may also be worried that he is in a minority of Labour MPs, as well as among Labour members, and that Jeremy Corbyn represents the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs on this issue. We reject attempts by MPs to stop us protesting and will carry on as is our democratic right. 

Hundreds of new members have joined Stop the War in the last week
In the past week, hundreds of people have joined Stop the War, angered by parliament's decision to take the UK into war for the fourth time this century. Becoming a member of Stop the War is the best way to support our campaign against government war policies. It can cost as little as £2 a month.
See details and to become a Stop the War member here...

Make a donation to Stop the War

Campaigning costs money. Organising demonstrations, meetings and rallies; producing leaflets, placards, briefing sheets and other resources; sustaining our small office, are all funded by donations from our members and supporters. We have no rich benefactors and no infinite resources like the government uses to promote its war policies. Please consider making a donation to Stop the War. Whatever the size of your contribution, it will be a great help and much appreciated.

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