Emergency anti-war protests tonight

2nd December 2015 

Emergency protests tonight

Thousands filled Paliament Square yesterday to say Don't Bomb Syria. We will be back again this evening at 6pm at Parliament Square, as MPs debate going to war, before they vote at 10pm. We will hold a protest and a die-in against the plan to take the UK into its fourth pointless and savage war in the last 14 years.
 Let the MPs know about themagnitude of their decision tonight.
Emergency DIE-IN and protest today - Wednesday 2 December | 6pm | Parliament Square London | as MPs debate and vote on bombing Syria
There are also protests and vigils across the country.

Final lobbying push

As the number of Labour MP's willing to back airstrikes is dwindling every vote counts.Many MPs are reportedly still undecided on how to vote.

Please take this opportunity to contact your MP urgently, by email and a phone call to Westminster:

1) Email: takes 2 mins with our lobbying tool.

2) Phone: The House of Commons switchboard is 020 7219 3000, ask for the specific MP, and then insist on leaving a message against bombing for them. Ask the MP do they want to walk with blood on their hands for the rest of their lifePlease ask your friends to do the same. 

Our campaigning against war needs your support

Stop the War needs your help. The Tory government and media have limitless resources to put their case for war, while we are dependent on our supporters in the anti-war movement, through their donations or memberships. We need money for leaflets, placards, public meetings, lobbying and protests, and to fund our small office. The stakes could not be higher, with the prospect of yet another UK war looming. Please consider now becoming a member of Stop the War or making a donation to help fund our campaigns.

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Or you can send a cheque to Stop the War, 86 Durham Road, London N7 7DT.
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