by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                 
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     My commentary, you have no doubt noticed, has been a bit shrill of late. Some would say it has exhibited paranoia, perhaps even unhinged-ness. Which I could deny, but who would sympathize? I can, though, counter by pointing out that, even if I were or am paranoid, that doesn’t mean the immense and completely uncontrolled danger I strive to warn of isn’t real. I have tried to document it by posting evidence from a number of credible sources that it is so – that we’re in fact being carpet-bombed with purposeful dire and wrongheaded pure disinformation and propaganda daily to a new and beyond frightful extent.
     I have accordingly posted my own considered analyses of late, based on the kind of evidence recited, directly here on my own web site and under my own name. And, for whatever reason, your discernable reaction has been tepid, to say the least. I have appealed to you to “spread the word”. I have tried not to exaggerate what the evidence from stellar shared sources indicates about what is really behind the quickening and ever-sharpening disturbances the omnipresent media misreports and routinely misrepresents for effect.  And, while many of my prior articles have been downloaded and sent onward each hundreds of times, these recent ones, pointing out and in some cases detailing the establishment campaign of disinformation and how we’re being worked for the objectives of an élite few, have hardly been shared at all.
 In consequence, my questions abound: Could there be some level of disbelief even my readers can’t countenance? Are other sites, in their (your) estimation, doing a better job of laying it all out? Isn’t it clear to you that 9/11, the theme of this web site, was first and foremost the hinge event propelling the world into the bizarre and perhaps fatal era of top-down storyline invention and control – a sort of H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” times ten, 24/7/365? You want me not to go there anymore? Or am I just being oversensitive? I have no idea. But the numbers on my web site dashboard don’t lie. If you could explain to me the tepidness of you readers’ recent response, in comments or direct messages, I would be grateful.
     In the meantime, I can only assure you that I meant every word.
JH: 12/4/15