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Hello 9/11 Truth Friends! I hope you enjoy political songs as much as I do. And I hope that they inspire you to continueworking for truth and justice to prevail in the years to come. Fellow 9/11 Truth singer-songwriter Richard Ochs flew all the way from Baltimore to be with us in Berkeley, California to celebrate the 75th birthday of Phil Ochs. Richard says he is not related to Phil except in also loving topical social justice songs. Richard sang "9/11 Some Luck" to the tune of "Whiskey in the Rye" and "Homage To Phil" to Phil's tune of "When I'm Gone". Richard was number 5 of 16 performers on 12-19-15 in Fellowship Hall. We did a live stream on Concert Window. Later I was able to download it and edit out much of the set up work time in between the performers, also to add performer names, titles and credits.

May you all have a great new year in 2016! Don't forget to include 9/11 Truth songs in your 9/11 Truth programs
Pete Seeger
 explained why when he said:

A singing movement is a winning movement. We're putting a world together before it blows itself apart. Over the years you'll find the magic made by the right song at the right place at the right time. Musicians can teach the politicians. It's fun to swap the lead. Musicians can teach the planners – economists, engineers, lawyers: plan for improvisation! Our greatest songs are yet unsung! Rise up singing!" -  
Pete Seeger, American Folk Singer, Beacon, NY - Introduction to the book “Rise Up Singing” published by Sing Out! Magazine 1988. (May 3, 1919 – January 27, 2014)
Seasons Best Wishes & A Great New Year To All of You!
Your Truth Troubadour in Berkeley,
Vic Sadot
Berkeley Phil Ochs 75th Birthday Tribute playlist in Social Justice in the Heart of Berkeley YouTube Channel.
Note: Our latest playlist is being posted as people put songs up on YouTube from our latest music event. “Berkeley Phil Ochs 75th Birthday Tribute” playlist in “SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY” YouTube Channel. The entire 4 hour concert is posted there among the posts of individual songs performed. Much of the set up time of the 16 performers and photos and text are added to the YouTube version saved from the Vic Sadot Concert Window live stream.
Of course, we talked a lot about Chile and Phil's travels in South America. Phil spoke out a lot about what was going on down there and he organize a major benefit concert for Chilean refugees after the CIA orchestrated military coup happened on September 11, 1973. 
See also the new Aug 2015 video made from the old reel-to-reel of the radio interview I did with Phil in May 1973 in Washington, DC! 
"Phil Ochs May 1973 Interview by Vic Sadot & Rich Lang" (30:10) Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel. Phil talks about Nixon, Watergate developments, the TV show he was on the day before, and his travels in South America. This old 1973 reel-to-reel tape comes alive as re-created as a 2015 video by Vic Sadot as a tribute to Phil Ochs' upcoming 75th Birthday on Dec. 19, 2015.

1973 Audio Becomes 2015 Vimeo Video: "Phil Ochs May 1973 Interview: Nixon, Watergate, South America" by Vic Sadot & Rich Lang (30:10) Vic Sadot Broadside Balladeer Vimeo Channel. Phil talks about Nixon, Watergate developments, the TV show he was on the day before, and his travels in South America.
Note: All of my videos are free downloads under Creative Commons Copyright. You just have to give the proper credits and use them non-profit.
Christmas time 2 years ago in San Francisco... ILLUMINATE THE FED! – MASTERS OF WAR! 100 Years of Usurpation and Privatization of the US Money System. Short video of Vic Sadot singing at the San Francisco Federal Reserve on 12/23/13 (3:34posted by Fifth Mike-Bridges at Mike 5 YouTube Channel – Featuring the Fantastic Fresno Light Brigade! I get a little nostalgic when I see that San Francisco trolley car all lit up with Christmas lights and it stops and becomes an awesome backdrop for these lyrics!: “Illuminate the Fed! Yes, that's what we said! You terrorize nations! Far and wide! We're here to tell you! You can no longer hide! Illuminate the Fed! Illuminate the Fed! I pledge with my heart! And I pledge with my mind! To help make the history that leaves you behind!”  

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For the 4th Anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, use this free song! No Nuke Blues