We are all France. Why aren't we all Lebanon or Syria or Iraq?

We are all.

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At this time of grief, our hearts go out to the people of France, as well as to the people of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries traumatized by deadly violence -- people of all races, religions and nationalities.

This is a time of shock and fear, but also can be a time of reflection and action.

As a first step, you can add your name to this petition that makes a simple yet vital statement:

"We want to express our condolences to all people who are suffering and mourning the results of organized deadly violence, from Paris and Beirut to Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Humanity is indivisible. We reject any attempt by political leaders to exploit tragic events to promote more war."

Please forward this email to friends, then click here to participate in this global petition.

Below are links to background with thoughtful analysis and key information.

Thank you.

-- The RootsAction.org Team

P.S. RootsAction is an independent online force endorsed by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Coleen Rowley, Frances Fox Piven, Lila Garrett, Phil Donahue, Sonali Kolhatkar, and many others.

>  Institute for Public Accuracy:  After Paris: Is the “War on Terror” Feeding Terror?
>  Joseph G. Ramsey:  Against Moral Imposters: Mourning the Dead as a Part of the World
>  Vijay Prashad:  We Are in Pitiless Times
>  Phyllis Bennis: After the Paris Attacks, a Call for Justice—Not Vengeance

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