Richard Gage presents Collected Articles On Nine Eleven to Professor Noam Chomsky PhD of MIT

David Slesinger, MIT graduate, arranged the meeting with Dr. Noam Chomsky
at his MIT office, and took the photo of Richard Gage presenting him the CAONE.
Collected Articles On Nine Eleven, Volume 1
22 papers published in peer reviewed independent (non-Truther) journals
over 500 pages weighing over 5 pounds.
Here is a video summary of the CAONE.
Richard Gage send me a very nice thank you note for compiling these studies.
On the web it is hard to get an idea of how much research there is.
But in paper form, it is very impressive.
The next volume(s) will be a printout of the 70+ articles on which will probably be 4 or 5 volumes.
We are still waiting for a well published PhD in Physics to challenge Dr. Crockett Grabbe
(PhD, Physics, Cal Tech) in the 3/14/2016 (Einstein's birthday) 9/11 Physics Debate?
It is great to see Professor Leray Hulsey teaching his university students about 9/11.
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Experiment and Evaluation Project
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