by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                          Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     Doubling down and adding to my last month’s theme that the world, at a global scale, is predominantly influenced not by U.S. foreign policy per se, but by what I’ve dubbed “Central Establishment Global Strategy” (or CEGS, if you wish), let me try to describe what that amounts to, citing an example and two different cases.
     The private sphere, mostly controlled by central bankers/top investing mavens who, with their purportedly low hundreds of trillions of dollars, wielding with acumen the supreme weapon or cudgel of debt, inducing fear, self-preservation and subservience, have subsumed and are dually acting for the most part in the guise of corrupted nation-states (ostensibly, the public sphere). They thus direct or run the world and maintain in tandem its lingering past-applicable illusions in such a way as to sidetrack and smother versions of reality – some far more relevant – trying to challenge or compete with the systematically preposterous version broadcast.
     Our so-called national leaders are selected highly-talented front-men (occasionally, –women), with little or no discretionary power vested and varying grasp or understanding, who might not realize that they are dupes and tools, but just assume that that’s how the world works. Which it is. And the real movers are thereby almost never suspected, and never responsible or accountable.
     If actor’s vanity and a mock-up of levers of power make puppets psychopaths, then they are. President Kennedy volunteered – as it were – to demonstrate that substituting your own brain for theirs in one of those “high leadership” positions gets you killed. But the real psychos are the real controllers, whose motivations and calculations lack the element of compunction. They’re “almost human”, in Laura Knight-Jadzcyk’s phrase. They don’t care if their plan kills 300 or 3 thousand or 300 million over time. In fact, it might be better in their cost/benefit sense if it did – whether by bombing or starving, slow poisoning, or whatever.
     9/11 was a perfect false-flag project for them, because it not only achieved its up-front objectives, but also effectively marked a recalcitrant one-third of the population of the controllers’ planet (Muslims, mostly too poor to be efficiently susceptible to manipulation by debt) for mass targeting. And the morally doubtful state monopoly on legitimate violence, especially as exercised through coalitions of coerced “collaborating nations” and patsy terrorists, serves the purposes of selective targeting, pillaging, decimating, and streamlining the surviving remnant (pacification) on its lands. It’s all too neat – really cool.
     It is the reverse of justice – in Platonic terms, considered an empty or malleable form – almost as when someone famous said the Constitution is “a goddamn piece of paper”. Convenient, because they can write on it whatever they want. That’s control!
JH: 11/11/15