Public Meeting next week: Terrorism and the Post 9/11 World

To Reinvestigate 911 list
1. Public Meeting Thursday October 8: Terrorism and the Post 9/11 world

2. The Film Incontrovertible. First screening now sold out, second screening details.
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1. Public Meeting Thursday October 8
Terrorism and the Post 9/11 world
Fenner Brockway Room, Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square,
London WC1R 4RL
£6 at door, £3 concs

Main Speakers (in order of appearance)Tony Gosling, Investigative Journalist, presenter on Bristol Radio, see what the mainstream media don't tell you focusing on MH17, Nato.
Dan Glazebrook, political analyst, author of Divide and Ruin, speaking about Ukraine, Nato, Russia and ISIS
Sukant Chandan, journalist, film-maker, globally recognised analyst: Syria, Libya, NATO/US and I.S.I.S.

Other speakers (in order of appearance)Fran Anderson journalist and videographer: the 9/11 Anthrax Attacks
Ian Henshall best selling author of "9/11 The New Evidence" on the latest 9/11 news and the intelligence trail.
Chris Coverdale from Make Wars History: the Chilcot Enquiry.
John Booth from the Orgreave campaign: the deceitful role of the BBC in the miners' strike.

Since 911 and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq , terrorism  seems to be ever more widespread with hand wringing and militarism the main responses from the NATO countries.

Could it be that we have been sold a false narrative, that the NATO countries and their allies have not accidentally stumbled into the various quagmires, from Syria to Ukraine, but rather use terrorism cynically as an alternative to direct interventions or even to justify future interventions?

Accountable Democracy and Reinvestigate 911 invite you to an evening of independent analysis from experts you will not see on NATO's controlled media.

2. The Film Incontrovertible. Update: first screening now sold out
Monday 9th November, 8pm The Whirled Cinema, Loughborough Junction.

Now SOLD OUT. A confirmation email will be sent out shortly to all those who have paid for the first screening and your seats are guaranteed.

Monday 16th November Tickets for this screening are still available priced £6 each. DVD’s will be available at this screening also at the reduced price of £5.

Tickets for the 2nd showing are available to purchase here:

Release of the film Incontrovertible (full press release)

A New Feature Length Documentary

The truth about 9/11 direct from the mouths of those who are the very best placed to know? Police Officers

This September as part of the 14th anniversary of 9/11, Killing Auntie Films hopes to screen a new feature length film on 9/11 in London.

British film maker Tony Rooke's 'INCONTROVERTIBLE' is the first crowd-funded project to feature original interviews with police officers, firefighters, and politicians, who ALL voice their grave concerns over the so called official version of events of 14 years ago. Never before have we seen police officers, judges, and even presidential candidates speak so candidly about their doubts and scepticism surrounding the official narrative of 9/11.

'INCONTROVERTIBLE’ is a no-nonsense rebuttal to British Prime Minister David Cameron's ridiculous announcement at the United Nations recently that those who doubt the official 9/11 narrative should be viewed as 'extremists'.  Far from it, these are men and women of law enforcement, fire-fighting, military service, and years of loyalty to their Country.'

The film, shot in numerous US cities and many countries around the world, follows the journey of 9/11 victim family member and UK citizen Matt Campbell, whose brother Geoff perished in the North Tower of the World Trade Centre, as he encounters those who gave their lives to law enforcement and civic duty, only to realise the awful reality of just who their superiors are.  The film is designed to serve as a clarion call to all in the Police Service, the Fire Departments and to all our military.  These are THEIR people, and these are voices they can no longer ignore.

After all this time, at last, the police are waking up. 'INCONTROVERTIBLE' has been 2 years in the making, and is the most intriguing and worrying analysis of just how truly impossible the Government's version of September 11th has become and of how not even those who served to protect us were protected from the grim reality of false flag terrorism in New York City on September 11th 2001.  Narrated by the accomplished British stage and screen actor Michael Culver.

'INCONTROVERTIBLE' is as forthright, as it is terrifying, as it is full of hope.

To gauge interest in this event, please return by email your desire to attend. London screens are expensive and only by knowing the numbers will we know this event is viable. It is crucial this information is given to our law enforcement, and the views in this film ARE by law enforcers.

Assuming numbers are sufficient, there will be a nominal door charge of £5 for this special viewing of 'INCONTROVERTIBLE' to help cover the venue costs, and as seating is limited, if you wish to attend then please send your email to to confirm how many seats are required and to get names on the door.

DVD's of the film will be on sale after the screening to help this information get circulated to those who most need to see it, and there will also be a Q&A session with Matt Campbell, Michael Culver, and Tony Rooke after the film.



Addition to minutes of the last exec meeting, from Colin Bex. Apologies to Colin for this omission

7 Other campaign news

Colin reported on his general election campaign against Cameron in Witney which centred on publication of a feature on him in both the
American and European editions of the Wall Street Journal. Both reported on the public Folk Moot he held on Church Green Witney during
which he gave a speech including an item on his support for re-investigating 911 in which he read a statement prepared by Matt specifically for the