byJamesHufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                                Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     Resolved: We are ruled and channeled cradle to grave like the herd we are by jackals – moral termites. And yet, although amply warned, I continue to ogle shamelessly the blood sport of top-level American politics like some who know better rivet themselves nevertheless to the spectacle of pro wrestling, and I – as possibly they – do occasionally at least glean an insight or two therefrom.
     For example: In the case of the two acrimonious Republican debates to date, while the public (potential voters) voluntarily tested in the online polls quite overwhelmingly declared that one candidate had won the raucous verbal sparring hands down, the media in print and on TV lustily touted the clear victory of others, not the establishment-loathed candidate (or better, combatant) favored by the many thousands of participants in all the polls.
     And (surprise!) the same held true for the Democratic debate. All – and I mean ALL – of the media, print and TV, said it was no contest, that the establishment darling, the fair-haired Hillary of the CFR, clearly won in a triumph of capitalism and competence over candidate Sanders’s off-brand of democratic socialism; while the online polls, registering the perceptions of mere mortal viewers (voters), scored it, on the average, something like 78% for ‘Sanders won’ to maybe 15% ‘Clinton won”. (And this revealing tendency was something candidate Sanders himself pointed to out loud the day after, blaming the media – which could spell trouble for him in some inopportune form and timeframe farther along the way.)
     But, though I “know” that the system is rigged and don’t expect that they would let Bernie Sanders actually become the nominee, I don’t believe that he’s in on the rigging himself, because there’s no reason he would need to be. And still, while there may be only one chance in a thousand that such a stolid critic of the establishment’s very foundations will ever be declared the winner, I continue to hold out just a sliver of hope that he might still slip through in the end. Although my more cynical (lizard) brain tells me that even that could be part of their plan to produce stalemate, devastating disillusion, and the further dismantling of the notion of constructive collectivism (democratic self-rule) despised by the élite, achieved by trashing and blocking any measures he, the popular leader insisted upon, would dare attempt in his zeal to enact. They have done that, you know.
     Regardless, it seems, the fate of the herd that is us is already sealed. And if you don’t think it so, just pick up and read Jim Marrs’s new book Population Control, in which he lays out all the various ways we are hogtied and in the midst of a drastic culling or thinning by means you probably never dreamed of. (Perhaps ironically, the surest means of depopulation, the steady progressive lowering of the male sperm count in the west over many decades, appears to be at most probably no more than a by-product of some of the other debilitating means induced deliberately.) The dramatic impositions author Marrs artfully discloses, one per chapter, have been, for the most part, introduced subtly to residents of the U.S. up to now and far less subtly abroad.
     Re-reading  John McMurtry’s classic 2012 article, “The Moral Decoding of 9/11”, reminds me just how bad – there’s no better word for it – the New World Order, with all of its manifold intertwined time-release anti-people schemata really is. Its drivers, like twin geriatric wonders Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, and a host of others far more anonymous, will stop at absolutely nothing to move their agenda of the self-elect (or select) forward. McMurtry reminds us of how Kissinger congratulated Pinochet’s brutal Chile regime and the ruling Argentine generals who had disappeared some 100,000 of their opposition, dropping some at least out of airplanes, for doing such a good job.
     And David Rockefeller, élite American agent for the Rothschilds who somehow vanished along with their well-leveraged literally hundreds of trillions by now from cruel world exposure, is quoted from his in effect thank-you card to prominent members of the press who had attended Bilderberg Group meetings and cooperated by refraining from reporting on them, as follows:
     “The plan for the world would have been impossible for us to develop if we had been subjected to the light of publicity during those years.”
     The NWO global network, embracing puppet Israel as well as the anesthetized puppet U.S.A. deep state, had to command a false flag – in one sense, just another of the 3,000 identified CIA/security state covert ops of history (in addition to the Mossad ones), because their combined criminal enterprise was fresh out of enemies with the fall of world communist. Damn the torpedoes, damn the sorry victims – including us all as well as the dead. At least a million each year are slaughtered directly in the unabated hecatomb I cited before. The sea is rising, air concealing toxic agents of death and distress, the accounts of people and nations below flat, homes subsumed. Damn the planet! It reminds me of how productive the pirates plaguing the Internet could be if they pursued anything honest with the same determination and zeal. Africa could be made a paradise with just some of the trillions for instance the Rothschilds could part with; but their plan bodes opposite. Qadaffi wanted to do that, but was cut off short.
     So, what can we do? First, note that the NWO is like a steamroller, or a gigantic mattress pressed down on top of us. And it will only move in one direction. There’s no reversing it. None of us relative ants can do anything at all to rid ourselves of it. But, in concert, we could fairly easily and unstoppably carry it off and bury it and live un-suffocated lives happily ever after, at least until we, all too human, succumbed again.
     So, how can we get the word out about it? By getting the word out! Please note: the vast majority of people everywhere have about had it by now. So, at this point, it is incumbent on us who know the truth to spread the word night and day, nonstop and also irreversibly, of the nature of our oppressors, and the truth that we must strike a plan to move independently in concert to throw or scrape it off. 9/11 is a good place to start, because so bad and so much in the open, and to get too detailed and too nit-picky in our telling of it is actually counter-productive as well as unnecessary. It’s far better to stick to basics with the unconvinced and unexposed.
     With that in mind, let’s get after it! Arm ourselves with a good handful of key facts, gleaned from the many available, to make the case, and don’s let up! Pass it on and on and on and on and on! Tell your neighbors, family, co-workers, total strangers in waiting rooms, on busses, trains, golf courses, and plains. In beauty parlors. Hit the airwaves. Flood the opinion pages. Make a movie. Go with 9/11 truth and the message that the NWO, source of both the operation and cover-up and in full control of the lying media, itself amounts to an unimaginably powerful, never ceasing, verifiable plot against humanity, devised to enslave, re-program, and re-design us all. And 9/11 exemplifies all of that.
     The world is yearning to breathe free already, as much as you and I. Don’t let the opportunity posed by its current growing wakefulness pass you by. Get involved like never before. Because, personally, I can see no other way.
JH: 10/15/15