by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                           Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     Trump’s latest and still continuing attack on neocon Jeb Bush over his brother the president’s ownership of a by implication avoidable 9/11 in his term is more than noteworthy. Because, that most crucial and seminal state mega-crime of the current era (and the basis of our bothersome, unending quest for acknowledgement and sanctions) is thus placed squarely back on the conversant public’s mind. And if my reading of Donald Trump is anywhere close to accurate, his stream-of-consciousness style of public rhetoric means that anything he knows and is in the forefront of his welter of thoughts at the moment is at most half a syllable away from spilling out irretrievably, subjected to a flood of interrogation. And if he knows what really happened on 9/11/01, the rest of the world is no more than a breathing cycle anytime prompted from hearing it, damn the consequences.
     The general public and every public figure have been in well-accustomed and by now comfortable denial of the likely reality and certain meaning of that fateful day for the past fourteen years now. But one slip-up, Trump’s malice trumping caution, and the unraveling of all that due diligence may fall aside, blown asunder. May, I said – not will. But let us be at the ready if it does with all we know.
     So, what difference has 9/11 made that could still be sent reeling into recovery and being made right? Certainly, the immediate victims can’t be brought back, not even the terminally health-afflicted.
     The official (and traditional) narrative of American Exceptionalism – that the officials, agents, and businesses representing us are by rights always the world’s “good guys” and do right by nature and, pitted against others, are never wrong – is what makes and shields the absurdities of the official account of 9/11 from all rational public examination. The complicit truth-denying press bears responsibility for holding the many-faceted truth consistently at bay and ridiculing, castigating, or ignoring dissenters, keeping us aside in an airtight, soundproof marginalized vault.
     Yet, when (if) the causes of 9/11 death and destruction at last come out into open discussion, the media might find the gumption to report and fact-check the discussion – perhaps at our consistent urging and badgering. And our long-studied factual knowledge of the event(s) could set us apart as a national/international asset.
     One direct casualty of 9/11, compulsory (constitutionally-guaranteed) due process), can benefit from a thorough or even brief airing and from people reaching to wonder aloud, why did due process in terms of a thorough forensic and circumstantial subpoenaed investigation, never eventuate in this singularly-important case – where justice was not even winked at? Is it any wonder, as a result of this and some other outrageous acts, that the U.S. public’s trust in the institutions of government has plunged to somewhere below twenty percent? Surely, people who aren’t crediting 9/11 for it, do realize that much has changed. For starters, none of us is safe.
     Yet the contention often made among us that a general awareness that 9/11 wasn’t perpetrated by Middle Eastern Muslims would somehow automatically shut down America’s unending foreign wars, including the stupendously larger and more lucrative than announced “War on Terror”, does not strike me as entirely credible. That would require an admission as well that the main U.S.-designated enemies, in particular al-Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL) were recruited and funded by the U.S. and its allies. Hence, that is another message we all need to circulate and credibly substantiate as an extension of 9/11 truth itself.
     In addition, the connection needs to be made for everyone between 9/11 and the brutal and systematic militarization and concomitant massive theft from our common treasury and rightful governance (infrastructure, education, etc.) wrought by the false response to 9/11. The road we are on is indeed the road of empire and intolerance of others’ non-compliant efforts and successes, leaving everyone, including us, regarded an alien enemy by the perpetrators at the top of our shameless establishment, with scorched and barren earth and ashes in our mouth.
     Yes, we want our country back. So, we must counter relentlessly with our ultimate weapon, the truth. And if Trump (or anyone) should broach the subject of 9/11’s great cause for us, jump on it.
JH: 10/20/15