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By James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                          Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     Anyone plagued by the delusion that I’m supporting Donald Trump for president needs to reread in full my last missive in this space. Actually, it wouldn’t be at all seemly for me to prefer any of the vast cloud of mainline candidates here at all (Bernie). But Trump, undeniably beyond narcissistic though he conspicuously more than is, did us a favor by vividly highlighting the bought, paid-for, and screw everybody else beholden status of all of his GOP rivals for top-puppet – a not particularly flattering designation befitting all but JFK (who ran on his father’s money) among modern U.S. presidents.
     Sometimes, we need to revisit and reiterate our end objective as activists. Mine can be expressed in a single word: self-government – enjoyed by the free individual, as far as that is practical for every other individual, and by the local community, group, or nation in a manner fully equally representing the needs, views and desires of every individual when it’s not. (For instance, we can’t each build our own transportation network or devise our own traffic rules, etc., etc.). And as rigged as our modern politics surely is at present, I will participate to support any proposal or election candidate’s agenda credibly counter-tilting in the other direction, away from élite cooptation, rather than relinquish in a sort of tantrum my right to participate to influence beneficially, however slightly.
     So, how does such a principled disposition comport with 9/11 truth? It comports because I don’t believe 9/11 can be accurately viewed in isolation. 9/11 is perhaps the most vivid expression among many we experience daily of control over us by a completely unrepresentative power élite (NWO) which has hijacked our Constitutional instruments and processes appropriate for self-governance and re-appropriated them surreptitiously to achieve their own entirely separate and, as the history of many decades now has clearly shown, psychopathic agenda, brutally oppressive and destructive of humanity. Very few or none of the grinding and horrific things that have befallen us on a mass scale over the past number of years would have happened if the Enlightenment age promise of unmanaged human self-government had been sufficiently safeguarded and retained. And going forward, it seems reasonable to expect that regaining or recreating the capacity and fact should serve us immeasurably better than the continuance of domination by an itself ungoverned élite.
     But is such a change back and rebirth of freedom even possible? Only if we bear in mind and take to heart that the greatest superpower there is worldwide – enabled in many ways to coalesce as never before these days – is world public opinion. If we activists can manage to inform and jell that to will and act in concert – even ten or fifteen percent of it, which would be capable of igniting the rest who favor personal freedom and a decisive check and influence on future directions – then decidedly, yes!
     That’s where I come down: because recovered self-government will unfold with equality, freedom, democracy, independence as its attributes. Beyond a doubt, what people everywhere, weary of trauma, most desperately want is the uncontested, unmanaged power to decide. There’s literally plenty for everyone, so give people what they want – every sort of needed access now manipulated or privileged. Think inclusive – let’s pop it all into shape!
JH: 8/19/15