Update: News on 911 Campaign

To Reinvestigate 911 list

27 June 2015

1. More 9/11 relatives in UK doubt official story

2. Warm reception for new 9/11 leaflets at anti-austerity march

3. US peace group backs 9/11 initiative

4. AE911 presents paper to Engineering conference

5. After 14 years, serious interest from the mainstream media?

6. Torture and detention: more relevant than we think?

1. 911 Families in the UK doubt official account.

Matt Cambell lost his bother in the 9/11 attacks and been speaking out publicly for three years in a so far futile attempt to get the UK and US authorities to release the evidence to support the official theory of how the attacks took place.

Matt informs us that he is now making progress in persuading other relatives to swallow their disgust at the possibility that the 9/11 attacks may have been some sort of an inside job and start asking questions too.

2. Warm reception for new 9/11 leaflets at anti-austerity march

Noel reports that he had a warm reception on the anti-austerity march in London with the new RI911 leaflet. "I managed to distribute more leaflets than ever before, 700 of them... Attitudes towards 9/11 seem to have changed dramatically.  I was never once called a conspiracy theorist...  I met lots of people I hadn't seen for years... One enthusiastic student told me they had debates on 9/11 at his university: York others told me of new 9/11 groups."

I have attached the leaflet pdfs which you should be able to print out. Alternatively, If you can cover the printing and postage (say £3 per 100 leaflets) let us know and we can send some out to you.

3. US peace group backs 911 initiative

US anti-war campaigner David Swanson, an organiser of the influential Roots Action lobbying/petition network, is supporting the campaign to get a secret Congressional finding released, widely believed to incriminate the Saudis in 9/11. Until recently groups like Roots Action and Stop the War have been reluctant to upset their more mainstream supporters by getting involved in the "divisive" 9/11 issue.

(Comment: the Saudi link is real, but so is the CIA link, and better documented. But this is the only show in Washington at present and it will be even harder for the CIA to deny involvement once the Saudi role is confirmed).

4. AE911 presents paper to Engineering conference.

Their paper, titled The World Trade Center Analyses: Case Study of Ethics, Public Policy and the Engineering Profession, has been accepted for publication by The European Society for Engineering Education after undergoing careful peer review. It will be live streamed from France on July 1st. SEFI is the largest association of engineering education institutions and educators in Europe, with over 190 institutional members in 47 countries. SEFI’s Annual Conference is one of the premier forums for discussion of engineering education and practice, bringing together hundreds of leading researchers and educators from around the globe.

For more info go to www.reinvestigate911.org or http://bit.ly/SEFIconf

5. After 14 years, serious interest from the mainstream media?

We cannot go in to detail for various reasons, but a mainstream western tv channel is likely to run a programme on the Tower collapses and it appears they may for once be prepared to follow the evidence. We hear this from two different sources.

6. Torture and illegal detention

FBI agent Ali Soufan is the man who says he could have stopped 9/11 if only the CIA had passed on information he asked for. A believer in the official story, Soufan does not inquire much into the CIA's motives in shielding the alleged 9/11 patsies from premature arrest. But in his book he also details what the CIA were up to after 9/11. Whenever a well placed Al Qaeda detainee would start to talk he would be whisked away to the CIA's torture chambers on the orders of the White House. Many AQ people were willing to talk, and did not support the 911 attacks. Were the CIA just being stupid or was there a reason to destroy valuable sources? The same question has arisen over the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. There are two possible explanations: to cover up the true structure of Al Qaeda, a long time puppet of the various Western security services or to force false confessions implicating Iraq for 911 and possession of WMD.  Perhaps it was both.

In a rare victory for the US constitution CCR, the Campaign for Constitutional Rights, has persuaded a federal court that the mass detention of innocent Muslims in the US in the weeks after 911 was unlawful. The leading opinion reads like a passage from the pre-911 world when democracy freedom and the rule of law were said to be paramount.

If there is one guiding principle to our nation it is the rule of law. It protects the unpopular view, it restrains fear based responses in times of trouble, and it sanctifies individual liberty regardless of wealth, faith, or color. The Constitution defines the limits of the Defendants' [ie US officials'] authority; detaining individuals as if they were terrorists, in the most restrictive conditions of confinement available, simply because these individuals were, or appeared to be, Arab or Muslim exceeds those limits