National Demonstration 11 April: Hands Off Yemen

Stop the War Coalition

April 11 Demo against the bombing of Yemen

The Saudi-led attack on Yemen has left over 1700 wounded and killed more than 540 people, of which at least 74 are children. Join us this Saturday outside the Saudi Embassy to demonstrate against the bombing of Yemen and against Britain's political, technical and logistical support for the attack by the Saudi forces. Stop the War advocates the peaceful resolution of the conflict. 

April 22nd Stop the War Annual fundraiser dinner

Join us in our annual fundraiser dinner on Wednesday, 22nd April at the fabulous Troia Restaurant near Waterloo. The dinner will be an opportunity to express your solidarity, network with other Stop the War supporters and activists, and to help us raise the much needed funds which make the work we do possible. It will be a fun filled evening with amazing Mediterranean food, drinks. music and a great line-up of speakers. We will be delighted to discuss your booking either by email or by telephone. 

John Pilger on why he's backing the Stop the War 2015 Appeal

To raise the level of our anti-war campaigning we have set a target of £15,000 for our 2015 Appeal.

John Pilger, A.L. Kennedy, Mark Rylance, Brian Eno and others say why they're supporting Stop the War.

By donating to Stop the War you will:

  • Help fund our vibrant office, which organizes our public meetings, parliamentary briefings, demonstrations, and gets anti-war voices onto the media
  • Contribute to making the placards and banners which have become iconic as symbols of anti-war protest
  • Ensure the Stop the War voice is heard in the upcoming election
  • Support the anti-war movement which, unlike our opponents the warmongers, has no big business backing but relies on the donations and membership of our supporters.


If you make a donation of £24 or more you will be sent a Stop the War membership card along with a selection of our latest publications.

By joining Stop the War you will:

  • Become part of an anti-war network, nationally and locally, including trade unions, peace groups, faith organizations, community and political activists
  • Receive information about anti-war events and activities
  • Get help from our national office to organize events and activities in your local area
  • Receive discounts for national anti-war events
  • Participate in our policy making conferences
  • Help fund the largest anti-war movement in British history


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