Great news!

Today, American officials and our partners used diplomacy to accomplish what neither war nor sanctions ever could have: a framework for nuclear negotiations with Iran!

This is an exciting and uplifting day for the peace and justice community.
We know all too well that war doesn’t work–– just look at Iraq today.
Only diplomacy can resolve the nuclear dispute, and we are thankful that the Obama administration has been so determined to achieve a peaceful solution to this complex situation.
But some members of Congress and powerful lobby groups like AIPAC want to undermine this agreement. There’s a couple of dangerous bills that the Senate will be introducing when they get back from recess during the week of April 13. It’s critical that you send a message to Congress to vote against these bills. Let them know you want peace with Iran, not sanctions or war. 

We look forward to a world that is free of nuclear weapons, whether it is in Iran, Israel, the United States, or anywhere. And we need to work with Iran to find solutions to the violence that is wracking the Middle East. This historic agreement is certainly a step in the right direction. 

Please take a minute to send your members of Congress a note of support for the nuclear agreement with Iran. 

With peace in our hearts,
Alli, Jamila, Janet, Jodie, Katie, Katy, Medea, Michelle, Nalini, Nancy, Sergei, Sophia and Tighe


HUGE NEWS: Major breakthrough in talks with Iran. Tell Democrats not to sabotage progress.