Tell Senate Republicans: Stop risking war and undermining the president's negotiations abroad!

On Monday, 47 Republican senators sent a letter to Iran's leaders. Their goal was to undermine President Obama and disrupt sensitive negotiations between seven world leaders - a move that embarrasses not the president but the United States itself, and risks war.

The Republicans basically told Iran that America's head of state does not have the authority to negotiate. This is unconstitutional, nearly unprecedented, and a possible violation of the Logan Act. The move is so outrageous and dangerous even the Republican Senate Foreign Relations chairman refused to sign.

For years, Congressional Republicans have opposed anything Barack Obama supports, even policies they originally proposed themselves. Their Senate leader flat-out said they would rather block policies that help the country than make the president look bipartisan. But this politics-before-country attitude was domestic only, until now.

The U.S. has just one foreign policy and one relationship with any given foreign nation. There is not one congressional relationship with Iran and a separate presidential one. But by first scheduling a visit from a foreign leader without the Dept. of State and now directly conversing with Iranian leaders, Republicans are, as the Washington Post said, acting like Barack Obama isn't even president.

Peace is the ultimate goal. But the Republican Party has become so unhinged, it will even risk war with Iran to make Barack Obama look bad. We as a country can tolerate this extremism no longer.

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