We can put an expiration date on mass surveillance

Key parts of the USA Patriot Act are set to expire this summer—including the provision that the NSA uses as justification to collect private data on all of our phone calls. 

If we act now, we have the opportunity to seriously curtail the United States government's policy of extrajudicial mass surveillance. Will you join us? 

Since its passage, the United States has used the Patriot Act to claim enormous new powers to spy on us. This spying is so offensive that the original sponsor of the Patriot Act, Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, is urging colleagues to sign a letter asserting that they will vote against reauthorization if the law is not amended to ban mass surveillance.

We've joined a broad coalition to call on all members of Congress to sign on to Representative Sensenbrenner's letter. The more signatures we get now, the more powerful we will be as the vote to renew approaches. Urge your elected officials to sign and to commit to ending unconstitutional mass surveillance. 

All the best,
Sarah Arnold