Some good news: Very good article in the Wash Park Profile on 9/11

Dear 9/11 Truth Activists and other friends,

Thought I would alert you to a published article on 9/11 activism (focusing on my journey with 9/11 Truth) that was just published in the Wash Park Profile (WPP), a very small newspaper that covers south Denver.  It is one of the most positive write-ups on this challenging and taboo issue that I have seen to date.  Susan Dugan did a great job in putting this together from my interview with her. 

For Truth and Peace,

Fran Shure

PS: From the about page of the WPP: 
The Profile's 16,500 papers are distributed each month through a system of some 375 distribution points in grocery stores, restaurants, retail shops, recreation centers, libraries and the like, as well as outdoor boxes in the area bounded roughly by the Platte River, Quebec St., 6th Ave. and the south city limits. Mail subscriptions are available for $35 per year. 

PPS: No need to inundate them, but especially if you are local and you want to send a short note of appreciation to the WPP: WPPROFILE@QWESTOFFICE.NET